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    The Client List – Romantic drama after the film of the same name

    The Client List – Romantic drama after the film of the same name


    The Client List is an American romantic series based on the film of the same name and a true story. Riley, a married woman played by Jennifer Love Hewitt,finds herself alone caring for her children after her husband suddenly disappears. As a result, she is struggling not only emotionally, but also financially. She’s trying to keep her head above water by looking for a well-paid job. This quest doesn’t seem so easy, but when an old friend recommends her a job, she doesn’t know what she’s started. She ends up in a massage parlour where certain customers want something “extra”. At first she does not want to respond to these requests, but actually she does not have much choice. It’s either that or get into financial trouble. Can she survive in this business? And can she keep her double life a secret from family and friends?


    The Client List has 2 seasons of which season one has 10 episodes and season two 15 episodes. Each episode lasts about 40 minutes.

    Our opinion

    Although the theme of this series is rather heavy, we think this is rather a light-hearted series with some humorhere and there. You also don’t have to look very focused to follow. You go through the episodes smoothly without having to think too much. You also get sympathy for the main character although in real life few people can find sympathy for the kind of work she does. The motherly love in this series is unusually beautiful. We have to admit that this may be more of a series for women than for men. This is because there are sometimes laughs with certain men and the main character is quite feminist. We appreciate this kind of series, but it is not a high-quality topper.


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