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    3 Tips against theft of a caravan

    3 Tips against theft of a caravan

    These tips against theft would not actually be necessary in a perfect   world. But unfortunately, the reality is completely different. We haven’t had any bad experiences with this ourselves. But during our trip through France we did hear some stories from other travelers. Hence these tips, hopefully it will help you!

    Closure caravan

    The first tip of tips against theft is indeed only normal. But always make sure everything is properly sealed. And especially your skylights   if you have these. An extra lock on the inside of your door is also always ideal and perhaps recommended. You can also apply this perfectly with the windows.

    Remove nose wheel

    You can also always remove the nose wheel when it is on   its supports. This makes it more difficult to drive away with the caravan. Especially if you close the draw to a wall or tree. If you’re stuck on a campsite, you might even think about removing the wheels. Then you’re absolutely certain. However, we would only do this if he had a permanent pitch.

    Extra gadgets

    Of   course, you can always buy a wheel clamp, although nowadays we don’t find this to be so trusting. You should buy an alarm system that signals the intrusion and movement of a caravan. Or one that warns you against gases that could be sprayed in the caravan while sleeping (this really happens!). What is also a useful gadget and what we use is a tracking system. By placing transmitters in your caravan and connecting to your mobile phone, you can easily locate your caravan in case of theft. Very efficient!

    Any tips against theft?

    Any tips against theft? Then let them know us for sure in the comments. Because the more tips there are, the more we can help each other against theft! If you are looking for more tips, be sure to check out our useful tips.

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    Next Tuesday more fun travel tips! Until then.

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