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    5 Tips against theft while traveling.

    5 Tips against theft while traveling.

    This week we’ll give you 5 tips against theft while traveling. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need this. But unfortunately, it’s different. Most of the tips you’ll come across here today seem to us to make perfect sense. And yet we put them in a list so everyone knows them. Unfortunately, too much is still being stolen while travelling. Here are our tips, hopefully it will help you.

    1. Make copies of important documents

    You can do this at home or rather: you have to do this at home. Take copies of all your important documents such as your passport and driver’s license. If something is stolen during your trip, this will speed up the process at the embassy. Please note that, of course, you never stick the copies to your real documents. What you can always do is scan these documents and send them to your own email address. So you’re sure you’ll always find them.

    2. Distribute travel baggage

    Divide all valuables from your luggage between different suitcases. If you lose one, you won’t lose everything at once. Travel documents and passports are best always put in your hand luggage or in a handbag. Also, it’s best not to put too much information on your label of your suitcase. Name and phone number are enough! Thieves shouldn’t know where you live while you’re on vacation… so never put your address on this label!

    3. Safe in hotel room

    Always use the safe in your hotel room,if there is one. If it is not there, you can still give the valuables to the reception and ask that they keep them. Don’t forget to to ask for proof of what you left behind. Then you’re sure. Although these people can usually be trusted and you shouldn’t worry too much.

    4. Don’t run for sale with your wealth

    Don’t keep going for sale with expensive stuff. And certainly not in poor countries, because then you just stand out and attract crooks or thieves. Behave more like the locals. Also, never put your money or documents in the back pockets of your pants. You can wear a
    Secret Waist Band
    as a solution. This is a bag you wear under your clothes and no one sees. Here you will insert all your valuables such as money, cards and documents. Very easy and safe!

    5. Always report

    The last tip of these 5 Tips against theft is definitely an importanttip but it is almost never applied   to holidays. If something is stolen from you, always report it. Even if you think it won’t work! This way, you can prove it later if your insurer asks. You had to be insured for this. Because honestly, there’s little chance the police will find your stolen stuff. But you never know, of course. It’s worth a try.

    Tips against theft?

    These were our 5 Tips against Theft while traveling.

    What did you think was the best? Or do you have any better tips of your own? Don’t hesitate to tell them! Are you looking for more useful tips for travelling? Be sure to check out our travel tips.

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    More tips next Tuesday. Until then!

    5 Tips Against Travel Theft


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