Tom Waes talks about the new season of Reizen Waes in an interview with Roadtrippers of the Sun. But also about his bucket list destinations and the many beautiful encounters he cherishes from all these years of travel.

Travel Waes

Tom Waes is currently at home, like most people in Belgium. However, sitting still is not spent on him and he made a new season “Travel Waes stays at home”. In this series, he talks, via Skype, with guides he has met during his travels about the impact of Covid-19. This includes how they experience this crisis and what measures are in place in their country. In short, a fascinating view of the current situation and how other countries deal with it or go around it.

In addition, we can still expect a solid dose of travel inspiration from the pre-corona age. Waes went to the versatile Japan at the beginning of the year to make a special about the country following the Olympic Games. Nevertheless, we will especially see the impressive nature, special cities, unique culture and uniqueness of the country. This three-episode series is expected after “Travel Waes Stays At Home” on One. So expect some solid travel jitters that will bubble up.

I’ve met so many fine people. There are so many stories that stay with me. I still regularly go to certain countries to see the guides from during the program. That’s always a pleasant reunion. They’ve become friends.
Tom Waes

Bucket list of Tom wAES

When we ask if he still has a bucket list after all these years of travel, the answer is clearly yes. Waes is far from tired of travelling and is open to different destinations. Like us, he believes you can be surprised anywhere.

If he has to choose from those many destinations, there is one destination that stands out. Namely Alaska. It’s unreal beautiful and you can still be there alone. Waes spent days alone in the wilderness and wandering around in the kayak. He lived those days as a Into The Wild adventure. An experience to remember. And one that was just added to our bucket list!

There are still many destinations on his bucket list. And that is very good news for all lovers of Travel Waes. Especially Torres del Paine in Patagonia he really wants to see. Furthermore, Antarctica and Machu Picchu are still on his wish list to visit when we are finally allowed to travel back. The only regret about Machu Picchu and other UNESCO World Heritage sites is mass tourism. He wants to avoid that. He would like to make his way to Machu Picchu on foot.

Not too much of a challenge for Waes, but there are also destinations that don’t like him as much. He would normally go to Saudi Arabia in mid-March, but he wasn’t immediately keen on that. It is a terrible country in terms of human rights. Especially for journalists, women and the LGBT community. In countries like that, he is also extra vigilant. The reason for going to countries that appeal less to him is to fine-tune any prejudices. He stresses that every country has something to offer and prejudices can (partially) disappear after an experience.

Dream destinations on TV
Tom Waes in Travel Waes

travel tips

You’d think Tom Waes has seen enough of the world after all these years of Waes travel, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every time he likes to go back on an adventure. However, he admits that after an entire season of Travelling Waes, it remains difficult to stay attentive even at the last destination. Whatever destination that is. It’s a feeling we definitely recognize. Travelling is exhausting and especially if it’s your job. It may therefore make sense that at some point your hard drive is full. His good advice? Let’s go back home, catch your breath and then go back to it with full enthusiasm. Because travel continues to give zest for life.

One of the things he’s learned by traveling is that you make the best memories by connecting with locals. We have already experienced this. A tip? For example, you might ask if you can walk a day into the life of someone you’ve met. That could be a taxi driver or a guide. You have a no, a yes you can get. You’ll get to places you’d never get to as a tourist. In this way, Waes had an improbably fun day in the slums of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. As a tourist you shouldn’t walk around in these kinds of neighborhoods, but with a local it can be a very nice and educational experience.

What’s next?

At present, due to the corona crisis, all waes projects are on hold. For Reizen Waes this year he will look for interesting places, unique stories and special customs in Flanders. In the meantime, he has received more than 2000 tips from the viewer. He himself is still surprised by his own country. His favorite place? The port of Antwerp where you can also make amazing nature walks.

Unfortunately, there is no green light to film yet, but Waes hopes to start in early June. So it is still a matter of patience before we will see these images. But we’re trained in that now more than ever.

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