Today we want to show you around transport in Mexico. It can sometimes be difficult to travel to a country when you don’t (yet) know the easiest, cheapest and best way to get around to your destination. We give you some opportunities to move around in a city but also how to travel from city to city. In a cheap way but also above all in a safe way!

The bus in Mexico

For the long distances in Mexico you have the intercity buses. These are divided into 3 categories: Royalclass, first class and second class. You can travel alone with royalclass and first-class buses because these buses run on the guarded toll roads. Which means there’s less to no robberies here. These buses can be booked in advance because they can be full quickly. The prices of these buses can vary, so there is no fixed price to stick to. But it is certain that it is much cheaper than flying. We ourselves travelled with the
ADO buses
and are very satisfied with this.

For short distances in a city you can also use the city bus. This is the cheapest means of transport to move through cities or provinces. You can buy a ticket on the bus. You can also take the colectivosvans. These are small vans that always drive the same route for a small amount. For security reasons, we advise against this… Especially in Mexico City.

Trains in Mexico

Although there are many train tracks in this country, this is not such a widely used transport in Mexico. Many of these tracks are no longer used. You actually only have two real train tracks that are useful. And that’s the Chihuahua-al-pacifico that passes through the copper gorge and the Expresso-Maya, which passes through Yucatan, Chiapas and Campeche. Children under the age of 12 get a discount and children under 5 years old are even allowed to travel for free.

Plane in Mexico

The most secure but not always the cheapest way to travel through Mexico is with domestic flights. This is a way that we ourselves often use during our trip through Mexico. Keep in mind that departure times on domestic flights may change. So if you have to switch on a flight, it’s best not to book it too soon after. You can also purchase a Mexipass. This is a discount card for domestic flights (please note that you will need to make at least two to get a profit from it).

Car in Mexico

You can also rent a car in Mexico. While this is an easy way to travel in Mexico, we do not recommend this for possible robberies that sometimes seem to happen. Of course, everyone chooses this for themselves. If you do, we recommend that you find out which regions are best avoided. Driving in the evening or at night is also not recommended. Did you have an accident with the car? Then it is important that you submit the claim before you leave the country. Otherwise, this could cause problems.

Taxi in Mexico

The same story with taxis. This is an easy and inexpensive way to get around. But completely safe this is not (in tourist areas of course though) You best use the radio taxis(taxi de sitio). These are located on a pitch, not on the road itself, and are a bit more expensive, but on safety there is no price. If you take a taxi, always opt for taxis autorizados. These taxis are always recognized and give the least chance of problems. Extra fact: after 10 o’clock in the evening, all rates go up by about 10 percent.

Metro in Mexico

When you think about transportation in Mexico, you don’t immediately think about the subway. And that’s right, because except in Mexico City, you can’t take this anywhere or it’s in bad shape. The metro lines in Mexico City are useful! They are even very cheap, clean and safe. And it gets you all over town. The only drawback is that they are very busy (especially during peak hours). Also make sure you don’t have too much luggage! Because once the subway is too full, you can be refused with a lot of luggage to take the metro.

Ferries in Mexico

You can also take a ferry in Mexico. For example, you can visit some nice islands with it. The tickets can be purchased at the terminal on the day itself because the ferries sail regularly and there is always room. If you want to be sure, you can always buy a ticket in the office of these boats in advance. Make sure you are present 3 hours before the boat departs. Because this is expected.

Transport in Mexico

These were all the main means of transport in Mexico. I hope it helps you plan your trip. Did you have any questions? Then you can always ask us and then we try to answer your question as best as possible.

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