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    4 Tips to Enjoy Your Trip Even More

    4 Tips to Enjoy Your Trip Even More

    When we travel, of course we want to enjoy this period as much as possible. But how do you do that now, enjoy it? It seems easy, but there are people like us who sometimes have trouble effectively enjoying the moment. We’ll give you 4 simple tips to enjoy your trip even more. At the moment itself and afterwards when you are back home.

    1. Use your senses

    Most travellers often ‘undergo’ a holiday. Just like we do sometimes. We often forgetto enjoy every moment. Still, that doesn’t seem as simple as i said. The harder you try to enjoy, the less you actually enjoy. Sounds recognizable? Well, try to useyour senses a little more. Stay for a while at a certain place on the trip. This can be done anywhere. For example, at a nice view, or on the beach or when you look at an impressive building. Now breathe deep in and out. Look around you, observe. See the details of where you are.

    Keep looking around for at least 5 minutes. Try to listennow. What do you hear? Try not only to listen to the clear or loud sounds, but also to the less noticeable. Then you can also use your nose to smell. What smells are present? Finally, some places may have a certain taste. Actively use your senses,you will be surprised what this does to your memory! The moments you’ve taken your time for, like when you actively use your senses, you’ll remember them betterlater. After all, you know what a place looks like, what it smells like, what sound it has and how it ‘tastes’ in some cases. We are trying to apply this more and more ourselves.

    2. Smartphone on the side

    When you actively use your senses, try to do so without your smartphone in your hand. Try to really enjoythe moment. Of course we encourage you to take nice snaps of your travels, that’s definitely part of it. But take a few moments a day to enjoy without your smartphone or camera. For example, take a walk along the water, or in the woods or through a busy city, and then sit somewhere and look around. Enjoy those moments without a smartphone to the fullest.

    3. Keep a travel diary

    Keep a travel diary in which you record your most beautiful (and less beautiful) travel experiences. A travel diary can be kept in a notebook specially made for it. You can easily buy these online but you can often find them in bookstores. But you can also buy your own notebook, or bullet journal as is now popular, and create your own layout. For example, you can keep a page available per day and write down your place of residence with date, who you met and what made this day special. The best thing (afterwards) is that you share both beautiful and less beautiful experiences. From the less beautiful experiences you can learn and the beautiful ones remind you of a happy time afterwards and bring out happy memories.

    4. Make movies

    In times of smartphones and Instagram, you can’t get around it: taking pictures of your destinations is hot. We also love to have beautiful photos as memories of our travels. Nevertheless, we believe that making movies is also important to be able to retrieve the feeling of a trip. When you film a certain place or a certain moment and you look at it back afterwards, you just feel like you’re back in that place. And that’s very special. We have done this ourselves on our road trip a number of times, and it is so nice to watch these videos again. It’s like being catapulted back in time.


    How do you try to enjoy yourself on the trip? Do you have any tips to enjoy special momentsmore? We’d love to hear it. Are you looking for more tips for travelling? Be sure to check out our travel tips. See you next time!

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