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    4 Tips to Plan Your Trip Faster and Easier

    4 Tips to Plan Your Trip Faster and Easier

    We give today 4 tips because while planning our big trip to Mexico we encountered a lot of obstacles. It’s the first time we’ve traveled to Mexico so it was always searching for what was most important to do first. A lot of information came at us and this raised many questions. We also put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves to plan this trip as perfectly as possible so that we don’t have to face any surprises. All this made it take some work to prepare us as well as possible for our trip to Mexico.

    We’d like to give you 4 tips that will make it faster and easier for you to plan your next trip. By applying these tips you will have to spend less time on useless things. You will be able to plan your trip faster and more efficiently. And you don’t forget important things! Fantastic, right?

    1. Research

    Always start with enough researchfor your planning. Choose a country carefully and choose which places you definitely want to see in that country. This is best to divide this into places and sights per place you can link to that. Put everything neatly and clearly in a Word document. We always create one Word document with all the information from our trip. We number the document by place we want to go and later we add concrete dates and whereabouts. This works for us the clearest. You have to see for yourself what works for you.

    2. Emergency numbers

    For every trip we make, we create a Word document with important phone numbers and addresses. We divide this document into addresses and phone numbers of our home country on the one hand and addresses and phone numbers of the country we are going to on theother. This list should definitely include the numbers of the emergency services, the details of the embassy (both in your home country and the country you are going), the addresses of the nearest hospitals (from every place you go!) and the local assistance. In addition, we also use medical advice and some important, common, words. This can be useful in certain (emergency) situations and it is useful that everything is in one document.

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    3. Doctor

    If you are planning to make a (distant) trip, it is best to make an appointment with your family doctorimmediately. You can find out for yourself what medical advice applies to a particular country, but you will also have to visit your doctor for the necessary vaccinations and any suitable medication. So it saves you work to figure everything out yourself. You should visit your doctor immediately to seek medical advice and also make your appointments for the necessary vaccinations. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for a drug passport. You may need this in certain countries to prove that you have certain medication with you. Even if you have vaccinations, you’re best on paper. You can already easily consult this (in Belgium) by downloading the Patient Healthviewer and then following vitalink’s steps. Definitely print this out so you can prove that you’ve had the right vaccinations!

    4. Lists

    While planning a big trip, you will undoubtedly make many lists. And if you don’t already, now’s the time to start! To-do lists, not to mention lists, a checklist for your luggage,… Continuously there will be things that come to mind that you want to write down and that you should not forget. It is important that you have a central collection point for these types of lists. Is it easy to use your mobile phone as a collection point or would you prefer your computer or a paper version? We recommend choosing a collection point that you always have at hand.

    This could be your cell phone or a notebook, your calendar, a sheet of paper,… We don’t recommend your computer sooner. You can’t be found 24/24 at your computer. Most of the things we want to list occur at night when we’re in bed. Then it is useful to have a piece of paper next to your best where you can quickly scribble your thoughts on. It is important to collect everything afterwards in one place so that your lists remain clear. An additional tip:if you can, finish your list as quickly as possible (for example, with a to-do list). This prevents stress later on and you can focus on other things again.

    Do you have any tips?

    How do you plan your trip? Did you get anything from these tips? If you already apply all these tips in the first process of your travel planning,you’ll come a long way. After that, it is only a matter of informing you properly and making the right choices for accommodation, transport, necessities and any incidental matters. If you have any tips, you can definitely let us know in the comments.

    Are you going to travel soon? Read our tips to choose the right suitcase for your trip. Nothing is more annoying than taking the wrong suitcase on a trip. Don’t forget to go over our insurance tips. After all, your insurance is one of the most important things about your trip. Good luck!

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