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    Travel Tips

    People often pay too much for their holidays. You can really save a lot of money on simple things or by applying certain tips. We are happy to share our insider tips as professional travelers. Our travel tips are extensive and are not just about saving money. But also, for example, about the practical side of travel, including your insurance, luggage, routes and so on. Below you can find all the specific categories of travel tips we write about.

    Our Travel Tips


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    Free travel tips


    Because we write all travel tips from our own experiences, it may be good that you look for tips on a topic that we have not yet described on our travel blog. You can contact us in that case, but you can also visit some other websites for more specific information. We recommend Lonely Planet, Compangnon by Neckerman, National Geographic and also TUI as reliable websites in addition to ours.

    Or of course you can always buy a book in which you can often find a lot of information. Need inspiration for good travel books? Then take a look at our reviews in the book zone on our blog. Or order one of the free travel guides that you can order from us. Very easy and above all completely free!

    Recently we are also writing our own travel guides in which you can also find a lot of travel tips. These travel guides will only be offered in the form of an E-book and will have a price of 11.95 euros per book. So keep an eye on our Facebook page and blog for the official launch date of these books.