Today we discuss all vaccinations for Mexico. We’ll show you which vaccinations are mandatory and which ones are recommended. Because sometimes confusion sometimes arises. And when it comes to vaccinations, you’d better avoid it. We also briefly discuss what these injections cause. I hope it’ll help you!

Hepatitis A (Mandatory)

Hepatitis is a severe liver infection caused by a virus. If you want a full inoculation of Hepatitis A, you need to get two injections. The first injection will protect you for a year. The second (6 months later) protects you for the next 30 years.

Hepatitis B (Recommended)

Hepatitis B is a liver infection caused by a virus. A full vaccination against this virus contains three syringes spread over 6 months. Under which the last syringe provides lifelong protection.

DTP (Recommended)

DTP is short for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio. The chances of you getting these diseases with us are very small. In countries like Mexico, there is a chance. As a child, you’ve already had an inoculation against these diseases. But it is still recommended that you have it set up again before you leave.

Rabies (Travel-bound)

Rabies or rabies is a disease that can be contracted by a bite from a mammal. If you go to the tourist regions alone you will not need this vaccination. But if you’re taking a tour of the country, it’s best to take these three syringesanyway. Because this is a fairly serious disease, in which death (often) is the result.

Dengue and Zika virus

The Dengue and Zika virus are muggen two mosquito-borne viruses. There are no vaccinations against this yet. Protecting yourself from mosquitoes is very important in this one (especially when passing through)! For pregnant women or women who want to become this in the short term, it is wise to inform your doctor about the Zika virus. It can sometimes be discouraged to visit certain countries as (future) pregnant women.


As long as you are not on the border with Guatemala, measures against malaria are not necessary. If you are close to this limit, you should contact your doctor so that he can give you prevention tips and prescribe malaria pills.

Supplement vaccinations for Mexico

We check monthly if this list is still you to date. If you still have doubts, you can always check the website
vaccinations on travel
or consult your doctor. Are you looking for more tips about this beautiful country? Be sure to take a look at our free travel guide from Mexico.

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