Have you seen this gadget yet? A waterproof bag for your smartphone or for other valuables. No? Read here why this gadget will change your life for the better! We can’t live without it.

Waterproof bag?

A waterproof (smartphone) bag is a transparent bag that is often for sale to your size, but there are also universal copies. You can also place more than just your phone in certain bags. For example, it can be useful to also place your bank cards, cash and/or important travel documents in the bag. The bag aims to be water resistant. So you can use your smartphone effortlessly in the sea, on the beach, in the bath, in the kitchen, during water sports … without causing any damage!

Waterproof bag

Why do you need this gadget?

As the name says, this bag is waterproof. Often it is also shock resistant and can withstand sand and dirt. The bag also ensures that your smartphone does not get any scratches or other damage. This gadget is also very useful to use. You can just use your smartphone through the bag. As a result, you can take pictures underwater with your smartphone. How much fun is that?! So you don’t have to buy an expensive underwater camera anymore. Furthermore, depending on the model, this gadget is equipped with a handy choir that makes it easy to carry. We only see advantages! We can no longer miss this gadget on our travels. It’s a must to count on your travel gadgets!

Where can you buy this gadget?

You can find this gadget in many different places on the internet. You’ll find a huge offer. We prefer the models of A.S. Adventure, Bol.com and Coolblue. These are price/quality in good order and are quickly available. These waterproof (phone) bags range from price between 10 and 20 euros. There are also more expensive ones, but these are therefore no better. We therefore advise against spending more than 20 euros on it.

And you have a waterproof bag?

Do you already use a waterproof (smartphone) bag on a trip or just at home? Or do you have other ways to keep your smartphone safe from (water) damage? Please let us know in the comments! Who knows, we might be able to exchange great tips.

If you’re looking for more gadgets or useful applications for your smartphone, you’ve come to the right place too! We would like to give a lot of travel tips to make your upcoming trip more enjoyable. I hope it’ll help you!

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