Saint-tropez… The place where wealth knows no bounds, you might think. Well, let’s introduce you to some other qualities of Saint-Tropez. This information may even be of interest to people who already know Saint-Tropez. We give our honest opinion on the famous Saint-Tropez.

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Anyone who thinks that Saint-Tropez is only for the upper class is wrong. Saint-Tropez is welcoming. There are plenty of different people with different sta statuses walking and driving through the streets of Saint-Tropez. However, we have to admit that prices in the shops and restaurants are rather high. You soon pay for a hesp sandwich to take 5 euros. A bottle of drink to take with you costs about 3.5 euros. This isn’t really on the cheap side. On the other hand, Saint-Tropez is accessible to everyone. Chances are, like us, you’ll have to endure a half-hour traffic jam to get there, but everyone is definitely welcome. The traffic jam isn’t even that bad, you drive along the coast and have excellent views. Once you get there, the parking costs can increase. Be sure to keep that in mind.


We liked the beautiful views that Saint-Tropez has to offer, the most impressive thing about the city. You can walk romantically along the water with a beautiful view. Saint-Tropez also has very charming alleys that lead you past beautiful boutiques. Especially in the evening you can take it easy on window-shopping. Some shops are even open late at night.

During the day it is also nice dining at Dior Des Lices. It is a bar/restaurant of the well-known fashion house Dior. You can have a drink and a bite to eat in a unique location. Breakfast seems to be a real must. Well worth it!

L’Opéra is a very decadent restaurant. You don’t just walk in there and it’s best to book your table in advance. Especially in the evening, the decadence comes to life. It’s not uncommon to see acrobats or singers pass by during your dinner. You can also spot someone familiar.

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Our opinion

We expected more from the Marina of Saint-Tropez. This one is rather small and somewhat disordered. Large yachts stand next to smaller boats. In between are sailboats. Overall, it doesn’t really show proper or very chic. Luxury is what you see there, of course. We found the port of Fréjus and Monaco a lot nicer and more impressive. Both ports were also more orderly, in our opinion.

Those who love a beautiful sunset,better go to one of the many beach bars just outside the city. These are also pricey but the views and cosiness are really worth it. In Saint-Tropez you can’t see the sunset well from a simple terrace near the harbour. It is also very cozy, but the feeling is not the same.

In summary we found Saint-Tropez definitely worth visiting. It is a charming place that has a lot to offer. However, in some respects it has disappointed us a little and we have to admit that Saint-Tropez is not quite what we expected. Also keep in mind that you need to have some money in your pocket to enjoy the splendour of Saint-Tropez.

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