After all the work and travel, we were ready to relax our bodies. And for pure relaxation we always go to one and the same address: Yolande Buekers in Berlingen-Wellen, Limburg. We drive especially from the province of Antwerp to Limburg because we know what we have to visit this spa. Read here why this is our favourite wellness in Belgium and why you can also use a visit!

More than wellness

First of all, we want to say that a visit to Yolande Buekers is more than just a wellness. It is a spa and wellness centre where the focus is on feeling good in mind and body. Mrs Buekers strives to make people feel better in their own skin. This by means of massages, gaskets, groomings, wellness and cures to offer under one roof. Yolande strives for excellent care tailored to each individual. For example, a thorough analysis of your complaints and personality is needed to find out what you as a person need from treatment. This is what the spa does before you start treatment. Just because of this knowledge of mind and body, we find this spa a place where we come with peace of mind. After a visit, we feel remarkably better than before.

For whom?

At Yolande Buekers you can go for all kinds of treatments specifically for your needs. Do you suffer from headaches, back problems or restlessness? Then you can definitely come here for a customized treatment. The aim is to restore the balance between the body and mind or to prevent them from being unbalanced. It may be that you do not (yet) experience any complaints in your daily life, but you can prevent better than cure. Prevention is important here and that is why we can recommend everyone to visit. All treatments and seminars are provided to promote well-being. They are personal and therapeutic. You come here to recharge your back and go out like another human being.

Favourite wellness in Belgium
Wellness pool


The treatments offered by Yolande Buekers are very diverse. You can come here for body care such as a skin cleansing or body peel. But also for all kinds of body massages and– gaskets tailored to your body. You can also use the aqua palace where you will find an infrared cabin, several saunas and steam rooms, Jacuzzis, a relaxation pool, plunge pools and a vast garden. The perfect place to relax. In addition to these day treatments, you can also go for a total package and, for example, opt for a course of several days. If you wish, you can use the hotel within the spa to stay overnight.

Our experience

We did, based on our personality and preference,a massage that took into account our ailments. For Sigrid, this was a“zen massage of the body” because it helps for total relaxation and for Bryan a “magnesium massage of the body” because this helps with muscle aches and so many other ailments. These two massages clearly did not miss their effect. Sigrid has been a migraine patient for a long time and a pressing headache before the massage disappeared during and after the massage for the rest of the day and the day after. Something that unfortunately doesn’t happen very often, but now it does. Bryan felt completely relaxed after the massage and also a lot fitter than before. In addition, we literally immersed ourselves in the aqua palace and this made for an even more intense relaxation of our bodies. The overall experience made us feel better in our own skin. Instead of feeling lifeless, tired or limp after the wellness visit, as we sometimes feel after visiting the wellness, we felt very fit, full of energy and reborn. A successful visit and prone to repetition!

Would you like to relax?

Would you like to relax for a day at the Yolande Buekers spa? Then it is best to make an appointment via the website. For more information about the spa or special days such as a children’s day on 30 October, you can also visit the website or contact us by phone. If you take the advice of the employees to heart, you will undoubtedly step outside as a new person. We wish you a lot of peace and relaxation!

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