We are now a while back from beautiful Mexico after a transit of almost two months. Now we often get the question from people who go there themselves, what exactly is there to do. And that’s exactly what we’re going to show in this article. Every week we discuss a city in Mexico that we have visited. And this week we start with Cancun. Here’s the list “What to do in Cancun”?

What to do in Cancun?

1 Beach lie

If you’re in Cancun, you must have just been on the beach. Because with its bright blue coloured sea, this is perhaps the most beautiful coastal region in the world. You can lie down at the hotel area on the beach where it is quite busy, and also expensive to have a drink. Or you can lie down a bit calmer and go up the beach at Playa las Perlas (free parking) to take a little walk to the right from there. Believe us… you’ll come across some beautiful places where hardly anyone else can be seen. Or maybe you want a mix of both, both touristy and quiet? Then Playa Delfines is worth it.

2 Isla Mujeres

We often read that you need several days to visit the island of Isla Mujeres. But we can tell you, after 4 days of being there, that you can see this island perfectly in one day. And even then, the question is whether this is really worth it. Because outside the cosy narrow streets there are mainly vendors who try to smear your souvenirs. From Cancun it is about half an hour’s boat ride and every hour there is a ferry. We recommend going with the yellow ferries from Ultramar, where you pay about a 50 euro the man for a return ticket. Of course, you can look for a cheaper option, but whether it is safe remains to be seen. Isla Mujeres is a nice day trip if you only stay in Cancun.

3 Chichen Itza

From Cancun you can visit a wonder of the world and that is highly recommended. Chichen Itza and the entire Mayan culture is impressive and just part of the history of Mexico. Couple a visit to Chichen Itza to the town of Valladolid and to the cenote I Kilwhere you can swim in an unforgettable location. This trip is offered by a lot of companies in Cancun, but you can also plan this trip yourself. Which makes it cheaper, but also gives you more time at each location than the tours offered by organizations. We planned this ourselves andhere you can read how we did it.

4 Shopping

When you think of Cancun, you might not immediately think about shopping. And yet this can be excellent in Cancun. And often even at better prices than with us. You’ll have the La Isla shopping neck, Luxery Avenue, Plaza Las Americas and our favorite Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center where you can shop quietly with a nice view. Although the streets around Coco Bongo (Dancing/shows) are definitely worth visiting and definitely to do some bargains. You’ll have to include the insistent sellers.

5 Xcaret

If you only stay in Cancun and don’t go to Playa del Carmen Xcaret is highly recommended! This natural water theme park is more than just that. With experiences that you can only get on there such as swimming in an underground cave or with dolphins. Not to mention the many shows that are going on throughout the day, with the big closing show as the absolute highlight. This was definitely one of our highlights in Mexico. With the only downside being that this is quite pricey, because you pay about 110 euros per man, and not all attractions are included. Xcaret does have some little brothers where in some cases you pay less and still get a lot for your money. We also visited Xplor where you can do a lot of daring activities and enjoy a nice buffet for a whole day.

6 Going out

Cancun is a bit knownfor it … But you’re really good at going out. And usually also at interesting prices. Although this is not always fun, and certainly not during spring break (American student party). Our recommendation is Coco Bongo where there are some fun shows and where in most cases the drink is included. Always check this in advance. And buy the tickets at official outlets (these are well marked). Because the street vendors supposedly sell the cheapest tickets, but often this is way above the normal price. A nice alternative is a party on the pirate boat of Cancun. Again this is quite expensive, but it is a unique experience.

7 Playa del Carmen

We ourselves have stayed a week in Playa del Carmen, but it is also perfect to do as a day trip from Cancun. This seaside resort should not be visited for its beaches… Because they’re more beautiful in Cancun. But it’s a nice shopping street with nice Mexican shops and bars that create a nice atmosphere (especially to the evening). In Playa del Carmen you can easily get on the buses of ADO. These are relatively cheap and yet have sufficient comfort and are a safe means of transport throughout Mexico. We cannot give a correct price because they can often vary from day to day.

8 Tulum

The next in the list ‘what to do in Cancun’ is, unlike the rest, a bit further from Cancun. But don’t let that be an obstacle, because this is a very nice day trip. If you also stay in Playa del Carmen, you’ll make the trip better from there. Tulum is a very well known place due to its Instagram-worthy bars and beaches. But the main reason to go there is the archaeological sites of the Mayans. These are just like in Chichen Itza beautiful with the difference that you also have a nice view over the sea here. Where you can take very unique pictures. Tulum is also best reached here from Cancun with the ADO buses.

9 Underwater Museum MUSA

Located off the coast of Cancun, the MUSA underwater museum is the largest underwater museum in the world. In this museum you will learn more about the history of the Mayans. A unique experience. If you want to dive between more than 450 images, you have to pay about 110 euros per person for 2 hours. Which we think is not so bad. Unfortunately we did not do this because this was already full (due to the spring breakperiod). But it is better to record this in advance via the MUSAwebsite. Don’t you like diving? Then you can also choose a cheaper tour with some kind of submarine. You pay around 50 euros per person for this.

10 Pull out of the hotel zone

In many lists of what’s to do in Cancun, we read that you’d better avoid downtown Cancun because it would be unsafe there. But that’s all wrong! We’ll tell you even more. If you haven’t been outside the hotel zone, you haven’t actually been to the real Mexico. As long as you don’t use drugs or have ties to the notorious cartels in Mexico, it’s as safe as a night out in Brussels. Outside the hotel areas you will find cosy streets and houses where time has just stood still. And you can really eat Mexican. Because honestly, in the hotel zone you only go mexican food with a great Western influence (note: real Mexican food can be spicy).

11 Water sports

Actually, Cancun is really the paradise for water sports. You can do anything in the water here. From water skiing to jet skiing. Cancun has a lot to offer in this respect. We can’t recommend a real organization because the beach is just full of landlords of these things. Comparing prices is therefore certainly appropriate as well as offering off. Often you can bet the first price that they say you up to half. Of course, don’t exaggerate here anymore, these people just want to make their money. See what a fair price can be.

And now you!

This was our list of what to do in Cancun. Hopefully you’ll have enough inspiration to make it an unforgettable holiday, although we’re pretty sure of that! Because Mexico is just a beautiful country. So don’t hesitate and just book those tickets to paradise. We promise you won’t regret it!

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