After the previous two posts about what to do in Cancun and what to do in Playa del Carmen it is now guanajuato’sturn. In this colourful city in Mexico there is a lot to do. It is our favourite place in Mexico and perhaps all over the world! Read here what you can do here. Have fun with the list ‘What to do in Guanajuato’!

What to do in Guanajuato?

1 Just walk around

Walking around in this colourful city is just an activity in itself. And because these streets are quite narrow, it’s romantic too. There is even a very well-known place that calls‘Callejon del Beso’(or the ‘kiss-street’). Here, couples often stop to give each other a kiss as legend tells it, but you’ll read more about this later. In Guanajuato, even at times when you’re just walking in a movie setting, it seems like you’re just walking in a movie setting. Mexico at its best, if you ask us. The only downside is that Guanajuato is quite hilly, and that can be quite heavy for the legs.

2 Churches and cathedrals

Guanajuato has a number of churches and cathedrals in his possession as a Catholic city. And these are really so big and beautifully decorated that they will leave a big impression on you. And we are not only talking about the outside, but especially about the inside of the churches. Especially the yellow colored famous basilica, Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato, is really beautiful. It really makes you quiet when you come in. Pay attention to shooting in the churches, because Mexicans don’t like this very much. Faith is worth a lot here. Likewise, photographing children is not really allowed in Mexico.

3 Mummies

Yes, there is a real mummy museum in Guanajuato, and it is something that they really recommendat the tourist office of this city. But we won’t see you soon! Granted, you get value for money because you see real mummies… A lot of it, in fact. Only after visiting the mummies we have experienced so many unfortunate things that we have removed all the pictures we have taken there. It may have been a coincidence, but it still made us feel bad. Not superstitious? Then we’d like to tell you that this really isn’t for sensitive people. After all, there are also mummified children and even babies in this museum. Enter at your own risk!

4 Monumento al Pipila (beautiful view)

If you want a beautiful view over this beautiful city then you just have to go to the Monumento al Pipila. This statue, which can be seen from all over the city, is in the perfect spot for breathtaking views. Around this monument there are also some stalls where you can eat or drink something, which makes it a nice place and makes it worth climbing up. A real must are the corn cobs that are on the bbq. This place can easily be reached with the lifts of ‘Funicular Panoramico’, these are fast but also a bit scary for people with vertigo. It’s also quite nice to come down on foot afterwards. Because this is not so heavy and you will come across a few nice streets with graffiti paintings here and there.

5 Callejon del Beso

Callejon del Beso is perhaps the most romantic street in all of Guanajuato. If you were to kiss your lover on this street, you’d only have luck together for the next 15 years. In reality, there is a line of people here who are lining up for a photo under the balcony where you have to kiss each other. 10 minutes of sitting down… But as a couple, you have to be lucky for 15 years.

6 Jardin de la Union

Jardin de la Union is a park in the middle of the city. This park is not really big, but very cozy. We ourselves were there during the flower festival so it was very busy, but otherwise it is very nice and quiet to stay. At this park, which is actually more of a square with some trees, you also have good restaurants where you can eat by our terms very cheap but tasty. If you like churros, you can eat the best food you’ve ever eaten for 5 pesos. Then be sure to opt for the churros with nutella filling. Lord-corpse!

7 Shopping

In Guanajuato you can shop very well. Maybe not right away in the big chain stores you’re used to, but especially in the small traditional shops and souvenir shops. And if you ask us, this is so much more fun than shopping in the chains! In the centre of the city you will also find a large hall, Mercado Hidalgo, with all the stalls where you can eat traditional and buy the best real Mexican souvenirs for a small price. The atmosphere in this hall is fantastic. There’s always something going on.

You go to Guanajuato, too?

I hope you had something to do with this list of what to do in Guanajuato. So we don’t think you should hesitate and just book, pack and leave. Guanajuato is beautiful! You won’t complain because just walking around and taking pictures in these streets can take a few days of your time. This city did not represent in the book Best in Travel 2018. So go there for a minimum of 3 days.

If you’re looking for more tips for Guanajuato, you can always follow our travel stories and also on Facebook. Have fun travelling!

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