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    Tour met de oldtimer door cuba

    What to do in Havana?

    What to do in Havana?

    Although Havana may have let us down a bit, there is still something to do in this city. But with 5 days in Havana itself, you’ve seen this city. You can read in this what to do in Havana in the capital of Cuba.

    What to do in Havana?

    1 Havana by with an Oldtimer

    When visiting Havana, a round trip with a vintage car should not be missed. You can book these in advance, or you can call one of the numerous taxi drivers and ask for a tour. That first option will cost you about 50 euros while that second option may cost you a maximum of 25 euros after good negotiations. The only disadvantage you have is that you don’t have an exact schedule, with a planned tour this is.

    2 Habana Vieja / Old Havana

    Havana is actually divided into 3 districts. Centro Habana, Vedado and the main for tourists Habana Vieja or renamed Old Havana. In this district you will find some of the most beautiful colonial buildings and you can enjoy a delicious moijto on one of the numerous cozy squares. Take enough water on your trip on hot days, because the temperature here can be very high. You can visit this district best start at Plaza de Armas and end in Parque Central. For a good orientation without the Internet, it is best to use the app Maps.Me.

    Tour with the vintage car through cuba
    Coloring Cuba

    3 Valley of Vinales

    While a day trip to the beautiful Vinales Valley might be a bit short, this is definitely advisable (unless you have time for several days). Because this piece of nature that was declared a national monument in Cuba is truly beautiful. And besides this beautiful nature you can also find the best tobacco in the world. You can book a tour to this Valley online or in one of the better hotels in Havana. For a group tour you pay about 120 euros and on a private tour you pay double.

    4 Lying on the beach in Varadero

    Would you like to spend a day relaxing on a beautiful blue sea? Then a trip to Varadero is definitely a must do! Because here you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Varadero is about an hour 15 minutes away by car and 2 hours away by bus. Making this trip by bus, however, is cheaper. For this trip you should use the Viazul buses (book them in time!).

    5 Cabaret Tropicana

    A visit to the Cabaret Tropicana should not be missing from your list as it loves dance and culture. Because in this authentic Cuban show you get to see both. You also learn a lot about the rich dance culture of this country. However, this show is not so cheap, because for the cheapest ticket you pay 75 euros and for the most expensive 95 euros. Dining at this show is also possible, but you will pay an extra 20 euros for that.

    6 Moijto drinks at Hotel national de Cuba

    Enjoying a delicious moijto is of course part of cuba. You can find these just about anywhere in Havana. But the best place to have a moijto the drink is in our opinion in the bar of the Hotel National de Cuba. Here you can drink a mafia moijto, the best you will find in Cuba. In addition, this hotel also follows in the footsteps of some famous stars such as Johny Depp and Churchil.

    swimming in Varadero
    Hotel national de Cuba

    7 Malécon

    Next in the list what to do in Havana is the Malécon. This is a long embankment along the water which is recommended by all locals. And although this dike looks beautiful at sunset, it bothers us a little that this Malécon is located on a busy road. So really very quiet this place is not. Don’t you spend so much time in Havana? Then you skip this trip better.

    8 Parque Almendares

    Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of a city like us havana? Then Parque Almendares is really a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle. Because in this beautiful green park you really come to rest. Partly because of its varied and beautiful planting and by a soothing stream that runs through this park. It’s best to get to this place by taxi. You don’t have to pay for Parque Almendares. Definitely recommended in this list with what to do in Havana. It’s also a hidden gem.

    9 Visiting Museums

    One of the numerous museums visiting Havana is also one of the possibilities when visiting Havana. For example, you can visit Museo de la Ciudad, Museo de la Revolución, Museum of the City and many other museums. We ourselves have not done any museum, because we have heard from several people that these museums are not always worth while.

    10 Plaza de la Revolución

    The latest in this list of what to do in Havana is one with a historical value. Because at Plaza de la Revolución it was Fidel Castro who addressed the crowd. Communism shines in this square. Which can make a very strange feeling. But you must have seen it.

    What about you?

    Have you been to Havana or are you going there soon? Please let us know for sure in the comments or on our Facebook page.

    After reading this post, is Cuba not for you? Be sure to check out our other destinations that we have already visited.

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