Jordan is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries we have been to. And this is mainly due to the beautiful nature, history and hospitality of the people. Read here what to do in Jordan. And dream away from this beautiful country!

What to do in Jordan?

1 Petra

The most famous place in Jordan is undoubtedly the wonder of the world Petra! That you have to visit this one when visiting this country is in no doubt. The archaeological site is so impressive and beautiful that you must have seen this. In fact, it’s so big that it takes you several days to see everything. We recommend two to three days. Pay attention! There is a lot to walk on the site itself. So get ready for this. Petra is best visited by buying a Jordan Pass that includes your visa for this country.

2 Dead Sea

Another attraction that you should definitely do in Jordan is undoubtedly the Dead Sea. In this Dead Sea, which is actually a lake, there’s so much salt you can float in. In many places you have to pay to go into the Dead Sea. But if you drive just past the entrance of Wadi al Mujib you will come across on the right the most beautiful part of the Dead Sea where you can swim for free. By the way, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on the mainland in the world.

What to do in Jordan? Petra
Floating in the dead sea

3 Ma’in Hot springs

Something less well known but something you should definitely have seen is the Ma’in Hot springs. In addition to beautiful waterfalls, there are also hot springs where you can relax. It is a very beautiful and unique place, especially as you will not encounter many tourists here compared to other hot springs in the world. At these waterfalls you also have a beautiful and unique hotel where you can stay in an atmospheric setting. If you stay in the hotel, you can go to the hot springs for free and also after the opening hours. This hotel is definitely in our top 5 most unique hotels in the world. In this hotel you are also a 20 minute drive from the Dead Sea.

4 Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is a nature reserve where you can make a hike between the gorge and through a river. A hike through this river is a unique experience that you can’t do in many other countries. Unfortunately, Wadi Mujib is closed in the winter months to protect the fauna and flora. But also because in rain it can be quite dangerous to pass through this gorge. This hike is something that you should definitely do in the summer in Jordan. Unfortunately, access to this nature reserve is not currently included in the Jordan Pass.

5 Wadi Rum

Staying in Wadi Rum should be on everyone’s bucket list. In this valley where you can only find desert and boulders, it looks like you have ended up on another planet. In addition, you can see a beautiful starry sky during the night due to the little light pollution. You can spend the night in one of the many tented camps or in one of the beautiful luxury hotels, including the Ufo Bubble Luxehotel. When visiting one of the hotels, you first drive to the hotel car park. And then a jeep will take you to your hotel.

What to do in Jordan? Ma' in
The lonely desert of Wadi Rum

6 Jerash

Jerash is a relic of the Romans. According to various sources, the city would be one of the largest and best preserved Roman archaeological sites in the world. Unfortunately, on a trip to Jordan, this place is often skipped. And if you only come to Jordan for a week, this is understandable because you have to drive around for this. But do you have a 10-day schedule? Then this site should definitely be planning ‘what to do in Jordan’.

7 Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo (Neboberg) is the mountain from which Moses would have seen the promised land. So you can imagine how beautiful the view from the top of Mount Nebo is. It is best to visit this mountain if you go from Amman to the Dead Sea or in the opposite direction. Along the way you will encounter many beautiful places where you want to stop for a while.

Landscape in Jordan

8 Resort Aqaba

Jordan’s coastline, with its 29 kilometres, is not particularly large. But that doesn’t make the resort of Aqaba any less fun. Here you can practice some water sports on the Red Sea and enjoy the sun and the beach. You can also find some resorts where you can spend a nice holiday. A visit to the souks in Aqaba are well worth a visit.

9 Amman

We ourselves don’t like the hustle and bustle of cities like Amman. And with a week’s stay we don’t find Amman bothered to visit either. But if you have a little more time than this one may be on your list of things to do in Jordan. In Amman you have the impressive amphitheatre, some beautiful mosque’s, Rainbowstreet and some other nice spots. Please note, this city is a little busier than other cities in Jordan. So keep this in mind when you’re in the car.

10 Wadi Bin Hammad

Like Wadi Mujib, Wadi Bin Hammad is a gorge with a river in which you can make a hike. Here, too, this walk through this nature reserve will leave a certain impression. And this Wadi Bin Hammad may not be the same size as Wadi Mujib, but that doesn’t make this gap any less beautiful or impressive. In addition, tourism in this gap is much less than with its competitor. Which, of course, is also fun. Especially if you want to take some nice pictures.

To do in Jordan

Of course, there is much more to see than these 10 tips. But according to us, these are the ten things you absolutely must have seen in this beautiful bucket list country. Let us know in the comments what you think is so special about this country.

What to do in Jordan? Under the here?

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