Lima is a very large city with more than 10 million inhabitants. And that often scares a lot of people. And that’s a shame because this beautiful city in Peru has so much to offer. Planning about five days for this city is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. In this post we show you what to do in Lima.

What to do in Lima?

1 Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas is perhaps the most important square in all of Lima. On this cozy colorful square you will find some important buildings such as the Archbishop’s Palace, the city palace and the palace of the government. Although especially the colorful look that these buildings have the greatest asset to visit this square. Also the streets around this Plaza de Armas are well worth a visit. You’ve seen this part of town in a good two hours.

2 Barranco

The artistic district of Barranco is without a doubt the most pleasant district in all of Lima. Because besides the many colorful buildings and street art you also have a beautiful planting here. This creates a big picture. For us personally this was the beautiful version of Cuba. And besides this cosiness during the day, you can go out here in the evening and night. This district is therefore very popular with younger tourists. Barranco is certainly something to do in Lima and should certainly not be skipped.

What to do in Lima? Plaza de armas
The beautiful streets of lima

3 Shopping in Larcomar

Larcomar is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to shop in all of Lima. In this open-air shopping centre you have stunning views of the sea and endless beaches. Besides shopping you can also eat very well in one of the numerous restaurants. Please note, this neighborhood is sensitively more expensive than all other places in Lima. We can best compare this place to Waterfront in South Africa. Very cozy and fun to stay, but especially built to entertain the tourists.

4 Love Park

Near the Larcomar shopping centre you will find the Love Park. This park is as its name suggests very romantically laid out. Not only because of the benches and beautiful planting, but especially because of the fantastic views over the sea and the impressive cliffs. In addition, you can also eat delicious pancakes with Nutella that completes a date in the park. Don’t expect a big park, because you’ve seen it in half an hour.

Shopping in Larcomar Lima
Views over this beautiful city in Peru.

5 Take surfing lessons

Something we didn’t do ourselves but what you can do perfectly here is learn to surf. The prices start from 25 euros and go up to 100 euros. Rental of the equipment included. A very low price to learn something that you can continue to use for the rest of your life. Because of its low price, this is a lot of activity among tourists. And even though we didn’t do this, this is part of this list of what to do in Lima.

6 Huacachina

Huacachina is a village in the middle of the desert. Very impressive and also very well known on the internet, because this city looks like a Fata Morgana. From Lima you can easily reach this city by bus or taxi. The only downside is that you will be on the road for up to 4 hours without a traffic jam. Because of this distance you will stay quite one night in this beautiful village!

7 Huaca Pucllana

Huaca Pucllana is an archaeological site in the middle of the Miraflores district and you can compare a bit to a pyramid in Egypt. But just a little less beautiful. What makes Huaca Pucllana special is that this pyramid or temple is located in the middle of a residential area. Which makes for a special look and experience. Are you only in Lima for a few days? Then we would leave this trip behind. For the entrance of this activity you pay 12 Sol (about 3 euros).

8 Paragliding

If you walk on the dike along the water in Lima you will see paraglider’s coming down everywhere in the air. And that’s not surprising, what the view you have to get here at a jump is incredible. We ourselves have not risked a jump but if you do want to make it then you have to pay 70 euros for it. You’ll be in the air for barely 10 minutes, but you’ll have an experience for life!

9 Go out to dinner

The kitchen in Lima is of excellent quality! There’s something for everyone. For example, you even have some restaurants that are completely focused on vegetarian food and in some restaurants even on vegan food. Especially in Larcomar and Miraflores you can come across some top persevery! Eating out is undoubtedly part of the experience of this city. Online you can even book some food tours through Lima.

10 Chinatown

Imagine yourself in China in Chinatown. You can not only eat some typical Chinese dishes here but also go shopping in the 100 shops with different (Chinese) trash. All counterfeit brands are also well represented here for very little money. Only downside to this neighborhood is the smell and the hustle and bustle that prevails here. It’s kind of chaotic.

What to do in Lima? Good food
 Chinatown in peru

Are you going to Lima?

Are you going to Lima in Peru soon? Which of the above activities are you not going to skip? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook !

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