A few weeks ago we went to Marrakech for the first time in Morocco. Last week you could already read why you should do this city as a city trip. This bustling city has a lot to offer and we would like to introduce you to the best sightsthis week. So we made this list with what to do in Marrakech. Have fun on your next city break!

What to do in Marrakech?

1 Souk

De soek is het symbool waar Marrakech om bekend staat. Hier kom je toch voor naar deze stad? Deze leuke, maar drukkeย winkelstraten geven je de indruk dat je in een heel andere wereld bent. Je kan hier werkelijk alles vinden. Van kledij tot souvenirs tot eten. Hou een beetje rekening met een aantal onbeschreven regels om nog meer te genieten van je bezoek aan de soeks.

2 Medersa Ben Youssef

Medersa Ben Youssef is a beautiful Koranic school that is accessible to tourists. If you have one image of Marrakech, it is a wall with refined details and tiles from this school. We really wanted to visit this school, but unfortunately it was closed due to renovations. We have to come back for this again!

3 Djemaa El Fna

Djemaa El Fna Square or El Fna Square is marrakech’s most famous square. All roads in Marrakech literally lead to this square. Here all the tourists and vendors come together and this shows a typical picture of the city. You’ll see mostly vendors, snake charmers and henna tattooists. Especially in the evening this square comes to life. You can’t have been in Marrakech without walking across this square.

4 Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia Mosque is the most present and largest mosque in Marrakech. You can see it from all over the city. It is not only large but also impressively beautiful, surrounded by a garden and close to Djemaa El Fna Square. Too bad you can’t enter this mosque as a non-Muslim.

5 Bahia Palace

You should not confuse the Bahia Palace with the El Badi Palace. Both are very different. The Bahia Palace is huge and is not a dilapidated ruin. This palace is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and the typical colorful tiles from Morocco.

6 Camel Tour

You can also do a camel ride from Marrakech. You can choose to take a day trip (or several days) to the desert,but you can also choose to take a camel ride closer to Marrakech for a few hours, but also outside the busy centre of course. We chose the latter, and while it’s not the real adventurous version of a camel ride through the desert, we still enjoyed ourselves.

7 El Badi Palace

The El Badi Palace is an ancient ruin of a palace that is now only used as a monument to tourists. It is large and the ideal location for beautiful photos. Come in the morning and you may be the only one walking around. Be sure to take the stairs to one of the towers for a beautiful view of the city and the palace itself.

8 Riad

If you like to stay in a nice location, a riad is a good idea. These are small hotels in true Moroccan style with usually a nice courtyard or garden. For the perfect Instagram photos, you can also come here. There are several riads in Marrakech so choosing will definitely be difficult.

9 Saaditombes

The Saaditombes, or the Tombeaux Saadiens in French, is a place where all kinds of graves can be seen. It is not just a “graveyard” as we know it, but a beautiful decorated place, with marble and colorful tiles, to which a whole history is connected. It has become one of marrakech’s most famous landmarks.

10 Day Trip

You can take many different day trips from Marrakech to other cities or places just outside Marrakech. For this you can visit various websites orin Marrakech itself at your hotel or an information point. For example, a trip to Ouzoud falls is definitely highly recommended.

Are you going?

Are you going to Marrakechsoon? What do you want to see and do? Let us know in the comments! Hopefully you had something on this list and you will experience an unforgettable city trip in Marrakech!

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