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    Ocean drive Miami

    What to do in Miami

    What to do in Miami

    Miami is a big coastal city in America. It is known mainly for its colourful hotels, artistic art galleries and beautiful beaches. We’d like to list for you what’s going on in Miami.

    What to do in Miami?

    1 Wynwood

    The liveliest neighborhood in Miami is Wynwood. Graffiti and all kinds of other art are central here. The best artists exhibit their works of art to the general public. The streets in Wynwood are adorned with colorful murals including a few real pearls. It is worth walking through here and reflecting on the attractive street art. Think of it as one big and especially free art gallery. In the evening you can also go out or have a nice dinner.

    wanwood street art Miami

    2 Beaches

    Miami is of course known for its famous (or infamous) beaches. Think of wide beaches with swaying palm trees and brightly coloured lifeguard cottages. The hotels on the beach have a retro look and that’s what makes this place so unique. One of the most important activities in Miami is so without a doubt lying on the beach. The climate is certainly ideal for it.

    Miami Beach, Miami

    3 Ocean Drive

    The most famous street in Miami is Ocean Drive. A day strolling along this world famous street should not be missed when you are staying in Miami. In the evening it gets really cozy when the neon lights go on. You can come here for a snack and a drink. It is also the perfect place to see others and be seen for yourself.

    Ocean drive Miami

    4 Lincoln Road

    Miami’s most famous and largest shopping street is Lincoln Road. You will find well-known chain stores but also beautiful boutiques. A day of shopping on this street is one of the things you should definitely do. If you don’t like shopping, you can also eat here or enjoy a drink on a sun-drenched terrace. And at the same time maybe (famous) people spot.

    5 Shopping

    Another place you can shop is Bayside Marketplace. It’s like an open-air mall on the harbor in Miami. You’ll find well-known shops and lesser-known local shops. A nice place to stay. Furthermore, in Miami’s largest mall, called Dolphin Mall, you can also shop to your heart’s content. Or in the Aventura Mall.

    Shopping centre

    6 Miami Design District

    A place with expensive shops and several art galleries is the Miami Design District. To visit some galleries, you need to make a special request or ring the bell before you can enter. It pays off because behind closed doors you can often find the most beautiful paintings and other art! It’s a nice neighborhood to walk through.

    Shopping in the art district

    7 Basketball in Miami

    One of the most important sports in the USA is basketball. In Miami, you can watch an NBA-worthy basketball team at the local stadium. We didn’t go to a professional basketball game, but we did watch baseball games and that experience was huge fun. The Americans are going to be very tough in these kinds of competitions and it’s worth going through. Spectacle and fun assured!

    8 Everglades

    The Everglades is a national park near Miami. It’s best to take a day trip to this wetlands. You can spot crocodiles there and it is without a doubt one of the most special natural parks in the USA. Your transport? A swamp boat adapted to sail on this type of terrain. A unique experience!

    Everglades boat in America

    9 Fort Lauderdale

    If you like beaches but don’t like the crowds in Miami, it’s best to take a day trip to Fort Lauderdale. Here you have about the same views and beaches as in Miami but then a lot less crowded. White beaches, palm trees and drink in hand? Check!

    Fort Lauderdale city

    10 The Keys

    The Caribbean near Miami is The Keys in Florida. These islands are one of the most coveted vacation resorts of the Americans. You don’t feel like you’re here in the USA anymore, you feel like you’re somewhere on an exotic island. Partly because of the colorful buildings and unique style that you can not immediately compare with another place. You should stay here for a few days as you are still on the road by car. You can also find Biscayne National Park here.


    Are you going to Miami soon or are you thinking about going there? Then you should read our tips for a holiday in Miami first.

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