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    Goedkoop in de Bahamas

    What to do in Nassau?

    What to do in Nassau?

    The Bahamas is a wonderful destination. Unfortunately, this destination has one major drawback, the price. And we’re not just talking about the property. Because a trip to this paradise will also cost you an incredible amount. However, we did a few nice trips from the main island of Nassau. We would like to share these trips with you.

    What to do in Nassau?

    1 Downtown Nassau

    Although downtown Nassau may not be that big of a deal. Can this be a nice trip, because here are some small (tourist) shops. Where you can buy a nice souvenir. Note that this neighborhood is cozy but very touristy. And that’s mainly because of the many cruise ships that dock at this place. You can visit downtown by taxi or take one of the local buses. For this bus sometimes called Jitney you pay 2 dollars per ride.

    2 Exuma beach pigs

    One of the most popular and famous getaways in the Bahamas is undoubtedly Exuma Beach. This is the place where you can find the swimming pigs. But unfortunately this trip from Nassau is very expensive. For example, you pay about 350 euros per person for a guided day tour. And unfortunately, that is also the only way to visit these pigs from Nassau. You decide to take this tour, don’t you? Don’t expect too much of it.

    3 Water activities

    As in almost every tourist region on the coast, you can also find a whole range of water activities here. Here you can pad, kayak, jet ski and even water ski. These water activities are also not so cheap, so you can easily pay 120 euros for half an hour on the jet ski. In some hotels you do get a free kayak and paddle board at your disposal.

    4 Aquaventure Oasis in Atlantis

    With Aquaventure Oasis in Atlantis, Nassau also has a real water theme park. Because in this swimming pool located at the Anlantis Hotel is a true paradise. With more than 9 slides, 2 river rides and a wide range of pools. Unfortunately, the price is also not minus here. You pay $168 for a day ticket and $102 for a child under the age of 12. If you stay in this hotel, you can use the facilities for free.

    5 Snorkeltour

    A snorkeling tour is a much chosen and also affordable getaway in Nassau. In many cases you will go with a catamaran at sea and you can go snorkeling for an hour above some beautiful reefs. Unfortunately, we have experienced that this is not entirely without danger. Of course, the choice is entirely yours. For half a day of snorkeling you pay about 80 euros per person.

    Sigrid of the sun in de Bahamas
    Catamaran in the Bahamas

    6 A rum tour

    As on almost every island in the Caribbean, rum has a very important share here too. In the rum tour you will get to know all the important spots of this rum in Nassau. Make sure you’ve eaten enough for this tour, because you’ll be able to taste delicious rum in many places. You can book this tour online, on the street or in the hotel. The prices of this tour vary fall apart and even from day to day. The cheapest days are the days when no cruise ship docks (although these days are rare nowadays).

    7 Relax by the pool or beach

    If you book a hotel in Nassau, you have a near 90 percent chance of a swimming pool at your hotel. Using this pool and relaxing is one of the activities in the Bahamas. Relax with a delicious moijto. Tired of the pool? Then you can also visit one of the pearly white beaches. This may sound like a simple tip, but this is the main activity of all tourists.

    8 Gambling in a casino

    The big hotels in Nassau can actually be compared to the big hotels in Las Vegas. You can gamble well there. Something that’s nice, as long as you have a fixed budget that you don’t go over. For ins this was a nice fixed evening activity. You can even register for free at the Hyatt hotel for the savings program, which will give you $50 in gambling credits. Normal enough for some fun when staying a week.

    The Bahamas Travel Guide
    Casino Baha Mar Hyatt

    9 Cooking class with the locals

    Do you like to cook or do you want to get in touch with the locals? Then this is an outing that you absolutely can’t miss. Because in this guided tour of 3 hours. You will learn to make a local dish at a local home. Watch this is a dish with fish or a dessert. Feast assured! Also this tour like everything in the Bahamas is not cheap. You pay for this tour 112 euros per person. You can book this tour via getyourgide or you can hear in your hotel (because not every hotel offers this).

    10 Go island hopping

    The Bahamas is of course much bigger than Nassau alone. Island hopping to one of the nearby islands is so definitely a must do. You can book this at your hotel. But you can also go downtown to look at the local ferries. From Nassau you mainly go to Rose Island and Paradise Island (these are also reasonably affordable) If you want to go a bit further, for example to Grand Bahama then you pay a bit more. You can also be taken to a private island, but the prices for such a trip only start from 250 euros per man.

    Are you going to Nassau, too?

    Are you going to Nassau soon or have you been there yet? Let us know for sure in the comments of on our Facebook page.

    Isn’t the Nassau for you? Then be sure to look for another destination in North America or other continent.

    Enjoying the Bahamas on the beach
    What to do in Nassau Bahamas

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