This week a new list on Mexico. After Cancun , Playa del Carmen and Guanajuato it is now the turn of Puerto Vallarta. A beautiful lively city on the coast. We stayed there a week in March and we would go back there as soon as we could. Now let’s show you all what you can do in Puerto Vallarta. Have fun with the list ‘What to do in Puerto Vallarta’.

What to do in Puerto Vallarta?

1 Lying on the beach

Puerto Vallarta is on the coast, so you can lie here on the beach. And we think that’s highly recommended. You can lie down like the Mexicans themselves on the busy Playa Los Muertos. Or you can lie down on the quiet part of Playa Camarones. We did both and we are just a bit more fan of Los Muertos because you have the real Mexican vibes here and at Camarones really just a beach without a lot of atmosphere (quite a nice beach).

2 Malecon

Malecon is the waterfront promenade where you can walk and find nice shops and bars. You can compare this to a dike on our coast but 10 times bigger, nicer and busier. At Malecon you will also find a lot of nice restaurants to drink and eat. Although the most fun thing about this long boulevard is perhaps the numerous street performers and discotheques. straatartiesten

3 Zona romantica

Zona romantica is a neighbourhood behind the Malecon and, as the name suggests, is a romantic zone where you can stroll around. But you can also eat and drinkthere. Unfortunately this zone is not that big and you are therefore pretty quick through it. But still this is more than worth visiting, especially towards the evening. Because then there is a lot of evening entertainment and there are nice stalls with Mexican street food.

4 Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The gardens of Vallarta Botanical Gardens is a wonderful getaway. With many native plant species and species that you don’t see anywhere else because they are almost extinct, this is quite an experience. Although you will find many more than just plants, you can also get a workshop to make medicines. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do this due to time constraints, but it is definitely on our list for the next time!

5 Nightlife

Puerto Vallarta has a very nice and busy nightlife and in our opinion also better than that of the known Cancun. Especially since you can go out here more the Mexican way and in Cancun it is mainly the noisy American style and also some over-the-top. The best dancings and bars can be found at the Malecon. With Mandala Club as our absolute favorite. Although you can go out in Xtine, La Santa and even at Senor Frog’s. Let those dance bones go well in Puerto Vallarta! If you go early enough, you’ll even get in for free!

6 Nuevo Vallarta

You can take a day trip to Nuevo Vallarta from Puerto Vallarta. And if you like big, long and quiet beaches this is definitely a must. But otherwise this is really not worth it. Although this is recommended by the tourist office, we found this a huge letdown. This is because there are only hotels to see outside beaches and there is no atmosphere. I agree, the beaches are nice and quiet,but you’ll find those spots in Puerto Vallarta too! Not our favorite, but he does belong on this list.

7 Action in and out of the water

In this nice Mexican city you can of course also do a lot of fun water activities… Like jet skiing, snorkeling or even toading. These are all offered on the beach itself. It’s the trick to hear everywhere and then negotiate the pricewell. Because, of course, that’s all part of it. But besides the water sports there are also a few sporting activities on land or even in the air. For example, quad biking, zipline or mountain biking, all things that are definitely worth doing. The providers of these activities can be found at the Malecon. Here too, the same applies as on the beach: sorting out and negotiating.

8 Sayulita

A day trip to charming Sayulita is just a must! Because what a beautiful and authentic place this is! Actually, a day is even too short, but sometimes it’s not possible otherwise. In Sayulita you have a really nice surfers vibe that a lot of people are looking for. You won’t always be able to surf there, because the waves are not always the same, but the atmosphere is there. It is breathtakingly beautiful, quiet and very laid back. This place is really fantastic and we still miss them every day. You’ll have to take a cab to Sayulita. After good negotiations, you could pay a maximum of 25 euros for this. You can also take a bus, but for this distance we recommend this anyway. What to do in Puerto Vallarta? So a visit to Sayulita!

9 Marina Vallarta

Marina Vallarta is, as the name suggests, the port of Puerto Vallarta. Here you can spot some beautiful yachts. Especially from American tourists but that of course doesn’t make the ships any less beautiful. In the harbour you can also eat and drink and especially under the lighthouse it is very cozy. Marina Vallarta is easily accessible by bus from the city.

Are you going to Puerto Vallarta, too?

This was our list ‘What to do in Puerto Vallarta’. I hope you have something to gain from this list or do you feel like going to this beautiful city? Let us know for sure in the comments of on our Facebook page.

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