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    What to do in San Diego?

    What to do in San Diego?

    After the series what to do in
    we now begin to series what to do in
    . And the first in that series that we discuss is the list of “what to do in San Diego”.

    And we think that’s a lot. Because in our week in San Diego, we actually lacked time to do everything. This may be our favorite city in America so find out what to do now!

    What to do in San Diego?

    1 Balboa Park

    Balboa Park has so much to offer. Beautiful buildings in Spanish style, a beautiful indoor botanic garden,the largest outdoor organin the world and a lot   of workshops you can follow (for a fee). And that creates an incredibly cozy atmosphere that you might not expect in America right away. And the biggest advantage of the Balboa park is that it is completely free (outside of the workshops). If that’s not fun!

    2 San Diego Zoo

    The San Diego zoo

    should not only belong in the list of what to do in San Diego but especially in the list of what to do in your life. Because this is without a doubt the most beautiful and fun zoo in the world. Because the range of animals here is simply impressive with pandas, hippos and even polar bears. Although in this park it is more than spotting animals. You also have cable lifts that transport you across the park or a 4D film. People who regularly visit an animal park can only recommend visiting it as well. The only downside is the cost, because with its $54 for a day ticket this is definitely not cheap.

    3 Downtown San Diego

    The streets of Downtown San Diego can be called cozy in one word and especially towards the evening. When all the music and lights from the bars go on. Although it is certainly worth visiting during the day. Especially in the Fashion Valley Mall is a good place to shop if you want. And then focus on the side streets, because sometimes you really have a few pearls from shops.

    4 San Diego Padres

    If you think of America, you think about sports and, consequently, about baseball. And that’s exactly what you absolutely need to see in San Diego. Even if you don’t like sports because baseball is more than just sports. It’s a total package, from the national anthem before the match to the overly large cokes and burgers during the match to the nice atmosphere around the stadium after the game. And you can’t find this sport anywhere better than here at Petco Park,home to the San Diego Padres.

    It is a huge stadium where there are 42 000 seats and where the weather is mostly good. This is where we really started to love baseball.

    5 Beaches

    One of the things we unfortunately haven’t seen in San Diego due to time constraints are the beaches. But there’s so much to do in San Diego. What we can tell you is that the beaches of San Diego are highly recommended because of its beautiful rocks that are there on some parts of the beach. Nice beaches in San Diego include Pacific Beach, La Jolla Beach and Mission Beach.

    6 Old Town

    Old Town should not be missing from the list of ‘what to do in San Diego?’ list.

    This town catapults you back a few years in time. With moments it’s like walking through a western film set and then ending up 100 meters away in an old Mexican village. And it is not only the décor that makes it fun here, but also the authentic shops and bars that are located in these beautiful buildings. Also that Old Town is completely free   to visit, makes it a real hit!

    7 USS Midway Museum

    We ourselves have not visited the   USS Midway Museum because we are not so interested in the military and everything that has to do with it. But along the outside this was an impressive place to see. And at
      this is even number one on trips in San Diego. So we don’t think a visit can be a bad thing. A ticket will cost you up to 21 Dollars, although you can save up to $2 online purchase.

    8 Seaport Village

    Perhaps less well known but definitely sometimes to visit when you stay a week in San Diego, seaport village is. This is ideal to combine with the   USS Midway Museum as it is within walking distance of each other. Seaport Village is a small outdoor shopping center where you can find nice unique shops. For example, a Christmas shop that is open all year round or a place where you can find delicious cupcakes from the winner of the famous TV show Cupcake Wars.

    Our favourites

    This was the list of what to do in San Diego. Of course there is much more to do in this nice city. But these were our favorites. Let us know what your favorites are in the comments.


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