As you could read last week, we went on a nice city trip to Sofia in Bulgaria. This is a city where there is still a lot to do and see. Especially in the nature around the city. Everything there is to do, we have put in a list. Have fun and inspiration with the list‘what to do in Sofia Bulgaria’.

What to Do in Sofia Bulgaria

1 Strolling around the city

Walking around Sofia is just an activity in itself, with all its impressive buildings and nice squares you will be sweet with this for at least half a day. Sofia has countless churches, cathedrals and mosques. And with the Alexander Nevski Cathedral as the absolute highlight, you’ll have Instagram -worthy photos. You can do all this with a folder, but we recommend you just walk around without a plan. You will come across surprisingly many nice places and buildings.

2 Shopping

Sofia has a very cozy shopping street, the Vitosha Boulevard,where you can also eat and drink. Although fashion in Bulgaria is a few years behind and it is not always the style you are used to with us. But it’s a must to do when you’re in Sofia. Especially the prices, which are a lot lower than in Belgium, are attractive for shopping. If you see a price, ask clearly if it is euro or Bulgarian LEV, as this may vary from shop to shop.

3 Rila Monastry

One trip you have to make when you are in Sofia is to visit the Rila Monastry. This is an old monastery in Bulgarian Renaissance style. It is beautiful and breathtaking because it is in the middle of the mountains. The entrance is free, unless you want to visit the accompanying museum, then you pay 2 euros. This trip is a 2-hour drive from Sofia but there are cheap tours and shuttles to the city. The price is then around 29 euros for a guided tour and 15 euros for just the shuttle. This trip is well worth it! The nature you will see is beautiful and also typically Bulgarian. You see a lot of the country for a small price.

4 7 Lakes Rila

The 7 lakes is a piece of beautiful nature that you should definitely not skip if you like to walk. Because in this mountainous area you have countless nice spots and views that you won’t find in many other places. Here too there are several tours to book, which is actually the same as at the Rila Monastry. You can even link the two together so you only have to drive once. Although this is a long and tiring day of 12 hours. For us that was just a little too much of a good thing, but that’s for everyone else of course. We only recommend the 7 lakes for trained hikers or athletes.

5 Day trip to Plovdiv

There are also day trips to Bulgaria’s second largest city offered by the local organizations. With its 8000 year history, this city is one of the oldest cities in Europe but according to not really recommended if you are on city trip in Sofia. If you have been there for more than four days, you may already consider making this trip.

What to Do in Sofia
Monikken in Bulgaria

6 Vitosha Mountain

If you walk around Sofia you will see from almost all corners a large mountain in the background. This mountain is Vitosha Mountain. This mountain can of course be visited, and thus get a beautiful view over the city. You can visit these with regular tours or you can take a taxi to the foot of the mountain and walk there yourself and then take the cable lift, which takes you to the top of the mountain. If you don’t know what to do in Sofia, this is definitely a must!

7 Parks

If you like to have a quiet day in the city, but you don’t feel like sitting in a car for a long time, then you can opt to visit one of the many parks in Sofia and enjoy the peace and quiet. There are several in Sofia. So you have the Park Vrana,Park South and the Borisova Gradina. These parks are also always large,so in many cases this can really be a day trip.

8 Museums

We did not, to be honest, visit museums in Sofia because we already managed to fill our time differently. But there are some to be found including the National Museum of History and the Museum of Natural History. Or for people who love art, the National Art Gallery is definitely a must. Art lovers can also visit the many churches all over Sofia where there is a wealth of (painting) art inside!

Your experiences?

This was our list of ‘What to do in Sofia’, hopefully it will help you and you will especially have a nice time in Bulgaria. Let us know for sure what your experiences with this city are.

Some pictures of ‘what to do in Sofia’.

Bulgaria also has beautiful mountains
Sunflowers in Bulgaria
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