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    When do you book the best plane tickets?

    When do you book the best plane tickets?

    Saving on airfare is always fun. And one of the best tips to save on your airline tickets is undoubtedly to set skyscanner’s price alert so you’ll receive an email when the price is lowest. Now it is useful that you know in advance when to search and on which day you book best. Because that can also save you a lot of money. When do you book the best plane tickets? You can read it here!

    When do you book the best plane tickets?

    Within Europe

    Strange but true, airline tickets within Europe have very different rules for booking your flight than outside Europe. This way you should book your European tickets only a month before departure. This may seem fairly short, but the price would be 30 percent lower on average. Also leaving on a Friday would be 10 percent cheaper, according to a study. Saturday and Sunday you avoid better. Unfortunately, this rule does not apply to the school holidays, because then it is always busy and in almost all cases you will have to pay full price. Booking your tickets is best done on a Tuesday. This is because on Monday most fare changes and promotions are made by the airlines. On Tuesdays you will be one of the first to book all the cheap seats.

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    Outside Europe

    If you fly to a destination outside Europe, you have a very different answer to the question ‘When do you book the best airline tickets?’. Because this is how you book your ticket 5 months in advance. A big difference with a flight within Europe. Again, you should book your ticket on a Tuesday because of the adjusted fares on Monday. Your departure day to another continent is best on Sunday. Saturday is another day to avoid. Again, it is much cheaper to travel outside the school holidays. Although it is often best to check that there is no school holiday at your destination, because this too can increase the prices.

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    • The departure time of your flight between 12 and 14 hours would be 20 percent cheaper than an early or evening flight.
    • If you find a cheaper offer within 24 hours, you can cancel your previous booking for free. You’ll need to call the airline immediately to cancel.
    • Note error fares. These are prices that are wrongly entered into the system on websites which allows you to fly very cheaply. Here you have to decide quickly because these are often not long online. Subscribe to the newsletter of websites such as Bertsgoedtickets , and Travelunlimited can help you find these deals.

    When do you book the best plane tickets?

    Hopefully you now have a clear answer to the question ‘When do you book the best airline tickets?’. If this is not the case, you can always contact us in the comments or via our Facebook page. We’re happy to help you.

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