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    Roadtrip Italië Braies Bucketlist

    Where to go on holiday in March?

    Where to go on holiday in March?

    It is sometimes not easy to find a suitable holiday destination for the month of March. Although there are some possibilities based on climate. We have listed these possibilities below in a list of where to vacation in March. This list is composed entirely on the basis of ideal climate. If you have doubts about the security of a country, it is best to check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Where to go on holiday in March?

    Winter holidays in March

    Italy (attention to Coronavirus)

    In the north of Italy you can of course experience an excellent skiing holiday and combine this with a visit to one of the beautiful lakes. Like the Lago di Braies. The nice thing about this destination is that it is easy to reach by car.

    Roadtrip Italy Braies Bucket List


    Sweden is also one of those countries where you can spend a pleasant winter holiday. Sweden is not only cosy but also ideal for the adventurer. And ride with the sled is definitely one of the possibilities here!


    Switzerland is also a popular destination for skiing among many. And even in March this is perfectly possible. Although Switzerland is more than just skiing. Because this country is teeming with imposing roads in impressive landscapes. More than in any other mountain landscape in Europe.


    The Principality of Lichtenstein is perhaps not the most popular or most famous winter holiday destination. But it is definitely worth a visit. Because from this dwarf state you are so in Austria or Switzerland. The ideal place for a holiday in March!


    Austria should not be missed from the holiday destinations for March. Because Austria is perhaps the winter holiday destination of the Belgians and Dutch par excellence. A whole day of skiing and then an après-ski is perfectly possible and even almost mandatory!

    Winter break in March with campeway


    A country that is not often seen as a winter holiday country is undoubtedly Slovakia. Nevertheless, you can also find some good ski slopes in this country. Well worth visiting a country with some handsome castles. And why not during a holiday in March?

    Regular holiday in March


    If you look at the climate alone then Algeria is a perfect place for a holiday in March. Only not every part of this country is as safe as you can believe the Foreign Office website. Don’t you decide to go to the biggest country in Africa? You’ll get a lot in place for this. Because this country has some beautiful buildings and also a beautiful desert where you get the feeling of being on another planet.


    Anguilla is an island in the Caribbean Sea and is known by not many people. This small island that belongs to the Lesser Antilles and is part of the British overseas territories is however a very beautiful and restful island. Due to the difficult accessibility you will not encounter many tourists. To reach this island you will have to make a switch to Puerto Rico or Guadeloupe.

    Antigua and Barbuda

    Another island in the Caribbean Sea that is less well known is Antigua and Barbuda. Again, you won’t get easy here. And sometimes even a boat is the only way to visit these islands. Don’t expect excessive tourism here either! On the cruise ships docking, then.


    Argentina has been gaining popularity in recent years and that is not surprising because the nature in this country is breathtaking. With the Torres de Paine National Park, Ushuaia, some glaciers and of course the famous waterfalls of Iguazu, this country has a lot to offer. It’s up to you to discover this in a holiday in March!


    Bahrain is an island state in the Persian Gulf. Although this country is especially important as an army base for the U.S. fleet, this country in the Middle East is also a nice destination if you are looking for something different from the known countries in this region.


    Enjoy with a coconut in a hammock on a pearly white beach you can do in Barbados perfectly! This island in the Caribbean Sea has a lot of beautiful hotels where you can enjoy a lovely sun and beautiful sea. An ideal holiday destination for March if you are looking for a sun holiday. Unfortunately, there are currently no direct flights from Belgium or the Netherlands.


    Bermuda is also one of those islands in the Caribbean Sea where you can enjoy a wonderful weather. Only the tourism and the range of hotels here is not as great as at some other islands nearby. In addition, of course, you also have the myth around the Bermuda Triangle. Do you dare?


    You can also visit this country in the Himalayas in March! The only downside to this special country is that you have to pay per day to visit this country as a tourist. And this can sometimes amount to 250 USD per person per day. What can make a trip in Bhutan expensive.


    Especially for birdwatchers, March is the perfect month to visit Botswana. Because of the water that is present and the worse weather in the North you can spot some very rare birds here! Of course, on a safari you can see even more than just birds.


    Brazil may not be the safest country if you can believe all the wild stories but it is certainly beautiful! When you go on holiday in March you can stay along the coast because you can get some rain in the interior and the Amazon forest. In March you just missed carnival so if you have the choice, it’s best to leave in February.


    Brunei is not the largest country and also the offer of the sights in this country is not so great. But in terms of climate, this is a perfect location for a holiday in March! This country in Asia is best viewed through neighbouring Malaysia.


    Canada is at the top of the bucket list for quite a few people. One that is also normal because we think there is nothing more beautiful than a road trip through the beautiful nature in Canada. Something you can do perfectly in March!


    Chile is a country that has a lot to offer. With a beautiful nature such as Patagonia and the Atacama Desert. But also a very nice culture and delicious wines. In addition, Easter Island also belongs to this country. For a trip to this beautiful country you will have to outsource some time.

    China (watch out for Coronavirus)

    If there is no Coronavirus, Then China is also an excellent holiday destination for March! Because this country has both a beautiful nature and culture but also history. And moreover, you can also visit the Great Wall of China, one of the 7 wonders of the world (Chinese wall).


    Also discovering the beautiful nature of Colombia is perfect in March. Because that’s how you avoid the rainy season that can be rough here sometimes. In addition, in March you also have Carnival Barranquila. A 4 day carnival party that is very impressive to experience!

    Costa Rica

    Nature in Costa Rica is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the world. This destination is therefore also at the top of the list for many! For a holiday in March this is in our opinion the ideal destination. Are you looking for a special holiday that also has a little extra value? Then go help in one of the many volunteer camps to protect the animals in jungle. Like protecting sloths.


    This country has been difficult to reach for years but nowadays you can even fly directly to Cuba from Belgium. And March is the ideal month for this! You avoid the rainy season and the heat of the full summer. You you enjoy a holiday at the beach in Varadero or are you going for a city trip in Havana ?

    Holiday in November Cuba


    Djibouti a country in Africa is not really known by the average tourist. And this is not surprising, because this neighbouring country of Ethiopia is currently discouraged from visiting by the Foreign Office. And this is very unfortunate! because with Lake Assal, Day Forrest Park and Moucha Island, this country really does have some sights that are worth visiting.

    Ecuador (Galapagos)

    Ecuador itself may not be the best holiday destination for March. Because of the many rains that sometimes fall during this period. But this rule does not apply to the Galapagos Islands, which belong to Ecuador. So you can visit these islands quite well in this month.


    Egypt is perhaps one of the best countries to visit in March if you don’t want to fly long and still want a lovely sun. From Belgium and the Netherlands you fly directly to Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheikh. An all-in holiday is one of the many options chosen here. And compared to some other countries, you don’t have to pay much for this.

    Where to go on holiday in March? Egypt

    El Salvador

    Due to the increasing violence of recent years, El Salvador is not the safest country. Although this violence is not so bad for an ordinary tourist! Just don’t go for sale with all your wealth, the people in this country unfortunately don’t have much. So there’s no need to challenge the population. In El Salvador you can find a lot of nature, some Mayan temples and even a volcano.

    Falkland islands

    The Falkland Islands is an island group near Argentina and has a whole history. This is because this island was used in the past in the war to attack Argentina from here. You can visit these islands best in combination with Argentina.

    French Guiana

    French Guiana is a country in South America that is mainly visited for its beautiful nature. On a holiday in March, it is best to reach this island via a transfer in Suriname or via some French airlines. One of the most beautiful places in this country is undoubtedly the island of Saint-Joseph.


    Gambia is also easy to reach with a direct flight where you are not long on the road. Get to know a whole new culture just 6 hours away. Please note: for Gambia you need malaria medication! This is sometimes forgotten.


    In Ghana you don’t just get to know a whole new culture. It will also completely change you and give you a different view of the world and society. In addition, you can also admire nature in the Kakum National Park and the Mole National Park. This country is easiest to visit with a guide or organization.


    Grenada is the ten smallest country in the world but that doesn’t make this island any less beautiful! Because as with any island in the Caribbean Sea you have a beautiful clear blue sea here that you can enjoy with a cocktail in hand! Unfortunately, this island is also not easy to reach. So you’re going to have to switch a few times.


    Guadeloupe has recently become very easy to reach by direct flights from France and Belgium. Which makes this one of the easiest islands in the Caribbean to reach. Are you going on an adventure and discovering the nature of this colourful island?

    Mariana islands

    The Mariana Islands is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. And it is one of those paradises that does not attract many tourists because of the distance and difficulty of reaching this island. Whoever makes the effort will be rewarded. Because this place is magical and ideal for a holiday in March!


    Guatemala can be compared a bit to Mexico but then rougher and less affected by tourism. Although you may also encounter some tourists here today. Here, too, you have a beautiful nature and some Mayan temples to visit. And that under a lovely sun! This country is easy to reach with a transfer in Cancun in Mexico.


    India is a country that stays with you, positive or negative! Because this country, with all its smells and colours and totally different culture, gives you a completely different view of the world. You either love this country or you hate this country. But we believe that everyone must have done this country at least once in their life. And that’s perfect in March!


    Not a single country in the world that is as much in question as Israel. And while some people think this country isn’t that safe to visit, it is. You can plan Israel perfectly for a holiday in March and return in amazement. Because a visit to Jerusalem should be on your bucket list!

    Côte d’ivoire

    Côte d’Ivoire is currently under increased alert at the Foreign Office because of an attack that happened in 2016. The chances that this will actually occur are as likely as the chances of this being in Brussels. So don’t let that be the reason to leave this beautiful country with its beautiful nature behind.


    Jamaica is all nature one has some special places like the waterfalls of Ocho Rios and the birthplace of the music legend Bob Marley. In addition, you can also fly directly from Belgium to Montego Bay from where you can discover almost all the sights in this country.

    Duns river in Jamaica


    Japan is known for its beautiful blossoms and March is the ideal month to see these blossoms. Especially when you know that the blossom period starts in January and ends in April. This is due to different regions and flowering periods. So in March you can pick up all these different periods that merge into each other.

    Cape verde

    Cape Verde is a much chosen destination in winter. One that is not so special because you can easily reach this country with one of the many tour operators. An all-in holiday is often chosen here.


    Kiribati is an island republic in Oceania than is very difficult to reach. But those who have the trouble and especially time for it will get something in their place! A beautiful island where tourism is almost unevelsed. Which creates a unique atmosphere that you will find in few other places in the world.


    Kuwait is a country that mainly derives its income from its oil wells. And that’s what you’ll see in a trip to this country. Although this country in the Middle East is more than just oil. You can also admire some beautiful mosques and impressive buildings. And shopping in one of the new shopping malls. In terms of climate the ideal place for a holiday in March.


    The Lebanese cuisine is delicious and for that reason alone you should have just been to Lebanon once. In addition, Lebanon also has a beautiful coastline and large piece of nature where you can take beautiful walks! Highly recommended that is not so well known!


    Are you riding a camel through the desert of Grand Erg Oriental? Or visit the prehistoric cave of Jebel Uweinat? We’re looking forward to this. Unfortunately, you have to pay attention to the security within this country. That’s why an experienced guide is recommended! Also, consulting the Foreign Affairs website can never do any harm to this country.


    We won’t have to present the Maldives to you. Because everyone knows this beautiful paradise thanks to the internet or Instagram. Only this true paradise has only one drawback and that is its cost. Because most hotels here have a price tag that you can stay in another hotel for a few weeks extra.


    Within Europe there are not many places where you can enjoy a wonderful winter sun on a terrace. Malta is such a place where you don’t have to sit on the plane for that long. The ideals holiday in March within Europe is undoubtedly Malta!

    Marshall islands

    The Marshall Islands is another archipelago in Oceania that is very difficult to reach. But what you get a lot in return if you take the trouble to get there.


    A true paradise where you can easily get to France with a direct flight is Martinique. On this island, which is very colourful due to its beautiful plantings, you can really unwind. In addition, you can also pay with the Euro here, which makes it extra easy!


    This country in Africa may not be the safest country and is therefore also put on the list of countries where you have to pay attention as a tourist. Nevertheless, this country has some beautiful spots such as the Banc d’Arguin National Park and the Diawling National Park. Don’t visit this country at the moment without a guide who knows the country well!


    Mexico is undoubtedly the country where we have lost our hearts. And we also visited Mexico for the first time in March! So this month is perfect to discover the beautiful culture and nature of this country. We also recommend that you go beyond the Yucatan region and visit Guanajuato or Puerto Vallarta! You can book a direct flight to Mexico from Belgium with Tuifly!

    Guanajuato. Trade union in March


    Micronesia is yet another island in Oceania that is beautiful but hard to reach. The advantage here is that you can pay here with the U.S. dollar. Are you taking this trip?


    Morocco is only a little longer than when travelling to Spain. And yet you end up in a whole new culture. A culture that is great to visit. Due to the short duration of a flight to this country, Marrakech is often done as a Citytrip. Ideal for those who don’t have much time on holiday in March.

    magical Marrakech square


    Nepal is also perfect to visit in March. The weather conditions are then ideal to do one of the spectacular hikes or to visit one of the many temples. The real adventurer can even climb Mount Everest. Although, of course, this requires some preparation and planning.

    New Zealand

    A road trip through New Zealand has been on our bucket list for years and one day it’s really going to happen. Because New Zealand has so much to offer nature that every nature lover must have been here once in his life. And a holiday in March in this country is ideal because the weather is pleasant and the (most) plants are in bloom.


    Also in Nicaragua has some beautiful Mayan temples that are worth visiting. This country is also very popular with backpackers because this country is relatively cheap. And because this country is not yet as touristy as, for example, Mexico.


    Also in Oman you can find the famous luxury of from the Middle East. In addition, you can also visit some impressive mosques and buildings. But also a safari through the desert of Wahiba Sands is one of the possibilities.


    Pakistan is not often seen as a tourist country and that is understandable. Yet this country has a beautiful nature that is worth visiting. Cross this country with a guide who knows the country well!


    The umpteenth island in Oceania that you can visit if you have a lot of trouble is Palau. Again, you’ll get a lot back for the effort you make on a trip here. But keep aside for at least a week to travel to and from this island alone.


    Panama is best known as a tax haven but this country is more than just that. Here you can enjoy the beautiful coastline or on the San-Blas Islands where you can snorkel, sail and do one of the numerous other water activities. Unfortunately, there are currently no direct flights. Switching will therefore be necessary!


    Speaking of paradise… The Philippines is one. One where you can find a beautiful nature but also a very hospitable population. Boracay, The Chocolate Hills and Siargo are just a few examples of sights you can visit here during a holiday in March. This period is outside the rainy season that you really should avoid in the Philippines.


    Portugal is also an ideal holiday destination for March. This is because the weather is not too hot but also not too cold. Ideal for a walking tour in the beautiful nature! A city trip to Porto or Lisbon, for example, is also possible.

    Porto in Portugal

    Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is an island is the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea where you can enjoy the sun in March. This island is also one of the islands that with one transfer is the easiest to reach in this region. In Puerto Rico, you also pay with the U.S. Dollar.


    Qatar, a Middle Eastern country, is best known for its luxury and impressive buildings. These buildings are best visited in the month of March because the weather conditions are ideal. Not too hot and definitely not too cold! In the summer it can be so hot here that there is nothing more you can do.


    Rwanda has a very horrible history for which we Belgians are largely responsible. Unfortunately, these events have not yet been fully processed or resolved as this has not been so long ago. Visiting this country with the right guidance is therefore recommended and certainly as a Belgian. Hopefully this will change one day because this country is simply beautiful and unique in its own way. In terms of climate, March is the ideal month for all other factors you will have to request enough information.

    Saint Lucia

    Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean Sea that does not attract as many tourists as, for example, neighbouring Martinique. And that makes you feel very special to discover this island with its beautiful fauna and flora. You can only visit this island with a transfer. In some cases, a boat from Martinique is even the cheapest and easiest option.


    The Seychelles also speak for themselves. Pearly white beaches a sky blue sea and a very quiet vibe. The Seychelles is one of those dream destinations that you can only visit once in your life because of the cost. But that one time is to enjoy!


    Singapore, a country in Asia, is not that big but therefore no less impressive. Because the airport alone is so impressively built that you can just walk around there for a whole day and enjoy the beautiful architecture. Because that’s what Singapore describes best… beautiful and impressive architecture and luxury!


    Somalia is not immediately the safest country and it is currently discouraged by the Foreign Office from travelling to this country. Which is very unfortunate but understandable. This country with the longest coastline on the continent of Africa certainly has something to offer. Climate-friendly in March! Only safety is also important, of course.

    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka has seen a long rise in tourism, especially backpackers who were able to travel through this rough country cheaply. Unfortunately, that advance has taken a little snarl after the attacks in 2019. Nothing has happened since these attacks, but unfortunately the perception has turned against this country. Sri Lanka for a holiday in March? Why not!


    The nice thing about Suriname is that you can speak Dutch almost everywhere, because this was once a colony of the Netherlands. And that creates a very nice vibe under the warm sun that you have here in March. From the Netherlands you can reach this country with a direct flight.


    Thailand is also one of those countries that is visited by many Belgian and Dutch tourists as a travel destination. And that’s not very strange. Because this country combines both culture and nature with enormous hospitality. Which makes this country extremely suitable for a few weeks of relaxation.


    Tajikistan is not the most famous country in Asia and that is actually very strange. Because this country does have a very impressive nature such as lake Iskanderkul or the Glacier Lenin peak. Would you like something special for your holiday in March? Then Tajikistan is definitely the answer. You can do this trip with a guide. Not for security reasons but just to make the trip easier.


    The cheapest option for a holiday to the sun in March is undoubtedly Tunisia. For example, you can already find offers of 250 euros all-in for a whole week in Djerba. You have an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.


    Uruguay has both nature and culture but is not that big. Still, it takes at least two weeks to discover this South American country. March is the ideal month for this because you avoid both the warm summer and the rainy months!


    Due to escalating political tensions, it is currently difficult to visit Venezuela in a safe way. If these tensions lie down then March is the ideal month to visit this country of various nature reserves and some beautiful waterfalls. It is best to check the situation in Venezuela on the Foreign Affairs website.

    Viet Nam

    After the war with America, it took a while for this country to open its gates to tourism. But we’re so glad they did in the end. Because this country has such a wonderful nature and culture that a visit to this country should be on everyone’s list. Especially Hŋ Long Bay attracts a lot of tourists to this country every year. And spending a holiday in March here is ideal because it avoids the rainy season.

    U.S. Virgin Islands

    You can find the U.S. Virgin Islands just off Puerto Rico. And the atmosphere on these islands are broadly similar. Isn’t it that tourism here is a bit less than with the big neighbour.


    Yemen a country in the Middle East is similar to most countries in this region. So here too you can find the desert, some beautiful mosques and buildings. This country can only be reached with a switch. But it’s perfect to do in March!



    America is one of those countries you can visit all year round. Because every region in America has a different climate. At this time of year, it’s best to head to the west of America. For example, California where you do a trip along the national parks to then end up in Las Vegas. Don’t forget to apply for An esta (visa) for America!


    Australia is also a country that can be visited all year round due to its different climate. However, when you have a holiday in March, it’s best to opt for regions in the south. Namely cities such as Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney. Please note: you’ll be on your way to Australia! So be sure to go longer than a week.

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