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    Where to go on holiday in October?

    Where to go on holiday in October?

    On holiday in October, is that even possible? Don’t you have bad weather? The answer is simple. Of course you can go on holiday in October! There are even more than 70 countries where you can go in October. And we’ll discuss those 70 countries here with you. This list is drawn up in alphabetical order.

    Where to go on holiday in October?


    Albania is perhaps best known for its beautiful nature and welcoming population. And this is despite the poverty that still prevails. But of course you don’t go to this country for that. You go to this country for the beautiful beaches, the unspoiled nature in the Albanian Alps or you can discover the ruins of Butrint. Although September may be a slightly better month to do so, this can also be perfect in October.

    Australia (tropical and central Australia)

    Although southern Australia can be visited mainly from December to March, you can visit the tropical north and central Australia perfectly in October. Something you won’t regret because Australia also has so much beautiful and unspoilt nature to offer. A road trip from the north to gangden is definitely a good idea!


    Azerbaijan may not be the most touristy region but it is the ideal place for a holiday in October. You will have a wonderful temperature during this period with little precipitation. Which is ideal for visiting the beautiful city of Baku or the mud volcanoes. Something Tom Waes did before with his program travel Waes. Are you following in his footsteps soon?


    This country located in South Asia and neighboring India is perfect to visit in this period due to the pleasant temperatures and the beautiful weather. What also makes this destination interesting is the price. Because travelling through Bangladesh is dirt cheap. A stop in the jungle of Sundarban and a visit to one of the many tea plantations make a trip to this country a unique experience.


    Bhutan is also an ideal destination for a holiday in October. Because although this country in the Himalayas does everything to not obtain mass tourism, a trip through this country will be an unforgettable experience. Where you really get closer to nature and find a vibe that you won’t find anywhere else. The only downside to Bhutan is the cost, as it is quite high.


    Although the temperatures are somewhat lower in October this is the ideal month to visit this country. Because this month is considerably drier than other (warmer) months. Ideal to visit one of the beautiful mountains, lakes or rainforests. Or you can visit a real Indian tribe or enjoy one of the beautiful views that this country is rich. And how about spotting a wild animal? Because that too is possible in beautiful Bolivia.


    Bulgaria is also perfectly suited in October, although perhaps a September is a little more suitable. Especially for a visit to Sunny Beach it might be a little late. But a visit to the beautiful city of Sofia or the Monestry is certainly still possible.

    What to Do in Sofia

    Canada (not north)

    Or how about Canada as a holiday destination in October? Because this is still perfectly possible, with the other part of the north of the country. The temperature may not be as high as it was in the summer. But we think that makes it more pleasant. Especially if you put a few walks on the program.

    Cape verde

    A warm sun, palm trees and a delicious cocktail in hand. Something that can be perfect in October in Cape Verde. Because with average temperatures of 32 degrees you can really call this the ideal beach holiday. One of the most popular and famous places in Cape Verde is Boa Vista and Cidade Velha, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. This destination is also easily accessible from Belgium and the Netherlands.


    Have you ever wanted to visit the Great Wall of China or would you like to visit cities like Beijing or Hong Kong? Then October is the ideal month for that, yet in terms of weather. Because the cost of a flight is often not so cheap. For a cheap ticket you should definitely take a look at Skyscanner.

    Comoros and Mayotte

    The Comoros and Mayotte Islands may not be immediately known to the general public. But that doesn’t make these islands in the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar any less beautiful. Because these islands created by a volcano are therefore very fertile. This gives you a beautiful and unique variety of fauna and flora. However, these islands have little tourism. Therefore, a visit to the Comoros and Mayotte Islands will be very expensive and more difficult to arrange.


    Congo is also an ideal holiday destination in October if you look at the temperatures. However, you have to clearly map out in advance what is safe and above all accessible. Because Congo does not have a road network like South Africa. For a good update on Congo, you can always take a look here.

    Cook islands

    Another sunny beach destination in October are the Cook Islands. Because on these 15 islands in the South Pacific you seem to have ended up in paradise. The only downside to these islands is the flight time. You have to fly a little more than 21 hours to this destination. So you have to have something for it.


    Visiting Croatia in October is especially good to avoid the mass tourism of the summer months. In addition, the temperature with a few more sunny days is certainly still pleasant. Financial is also interesting this month. Because in addition to the airfare, the accommodation will also be a lot cheaper.


    If you go to Cyprus for the culture and beaches, Then October is the ideal month. The temperatures there are much more pleasant and the tourism there is less large than in the summer. Which is also good for the cost. The big advantage of Cyprus is that you don’t have to fly that far for some sun. The ideal place for a holiday in October!


    This country in South America is definitely a must for the adventurers among us. Because this country has a lot to offer with its volcanoes, the Andes mountains, Indian tribes and the rainforest. For example, you can do a rafting on one of the numerous rivers. For the Galapagos Islands that is part of Ecuador, you better wait until the months of February to May.


    A holiday in October to Egypt is ideal to avoid the hot and dry summer months. And the cold months are avoiding you like that. Although those winter months are not so bad, with especially cold nights. Tourism in this period is also less. Which also reduces the cost price. A nice extra benefit.

    Eritrea (currently not safe)

    This country located in North Africa is ideal in terms of weather and temperature to visit in October. But is currently almost to inaccessible to tourists. This is therefore currently discouraged by the Foreign Office. For the state of affairs that is up to date you can always look here.


    Ethiopia is a country with many faces and religions which makes this country very interesting. In addition, you can still find the real and pristine Africa here. One of the holiday destinations for October if you ask us. Because the temperatures and rainfall are ideal in this month.

    Falkland islands

    The Falkland Islands is also an archipelago that is less well known to us. This archipelago that is close to Argentina is a uniquely beautiful place to spend October. Because besides the beautiful nature and nice beaches you also have a lot of culture and history here. Because on these islands there was in the past a whole war between Argentina and England. Something that changed these islands forever.


    Guyana is a country located above in South America. It is best known for its incredible fauna and flora. You can spot a lot of exotic animals in the wild here. And the good news: October is the perfect month for that. This is because the precipitation in this month is considerably lower than in the other months.


    Hungary’s land of the Danube is perfect to visit in October. Because you will encounter fewer tourists here and also experience pleasant temperatures. Are you going on a city trip to Budapest?


    Iran has been seriously investing in tourism in recent years, and that is also paying off. Every year more and more tourists flock to the country with beautiful architecture, beautiful views and a delicious cuisine. In addition, the people here are very welcoming because they do not yet know mass tourism. The ideal holiday for this month.


    One of the countries on our bucket list is undoubtedly Kenya. Because we think there’s nothing more fun than a safari through the unspoiled nature. And the advantage to Kenya is, it doesn’t have to cost that much compared to neighboring Tanzania. The advantage of a holiday in October in Kenya is that you go just outside the rainy season.

    Lioness in South Africa. On holiday in October


    Bluer than the sea that surrounds the coral island of Kiribati, we don’t think you’re going to find. And although this country is quite poor and depending on other countries you can still enjoy here in one of the numerous resorts. Unfortunately, this country also has a lesser history. Because the war between Japan and the United States has done a lot of damage to this island. And that is still very visible in some parts.

    Laos (mid-October)

    Laos is especially popular with backpackers or people who pay attention to their budget. Because this country in Asia is very cheap to travel through. And of course also wonderful with its nature and hospitality. However, travel to this country only from mid-October. Before this period you still have a chance to get into the rainy season. And that’s something you don’t want in Asia.


    Lesotho is a small country completely enclosed by South Africa. When you holiday in October to this country you will especially experience the spring. The period when Lesotho is at its best. We ourselves find a visit to this country unnecessary if you do South Africa. But that’s different for everyone, of course.


    Madagascar is also a dream destination that is perfect to do in October. This country also has a unique fauna and flora and that is mainly because this island has been able to develop itself. Without any influence from the rest of Africa. October is the ideal month because you will see many of the plants in bloom. However, this is a busy period in terms of tourism.

    Mali (not the best security)

    Although many group trips to Mali are currently on offer, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does advise against going to parts of this country. Should this be lifted in the future, October is the ideal month to descend on this country. The temperatures are then ideal.


    Mauritius is currently perhaps one of the most famous holiday destinations in October. Because this beautiful island, located in the Indian Ocean, has everything you could dream of. A beautiful green nature and a beautiful sea. The only downside is its popularity. This creates mass tourism and a slightly higher price than its competitors.


    The absolute recommendation for a holiday in October is according to us Mexico. The land of tequila, sombreros, tacos and incredible hospitality. What makes this period so perfect is not only the good weather, but also the holiday Dia de los Muertos which is being prepared in this month. When visiting Mexico you should definitely make a stop in Guanajuato and the small, unknown but wonderful Sayulita.

    Beautiful street in Mexico


    Another unknown archipelago that is beautiful is Micronesia in Oceania. This land that is made up of volcanoes and coral atolls can be called really very small. Because with all its small islands, this country is smaller than Luxembourg. You have to have something left for this country. And not only financially, because your travel time is also considerable. You’ll need several days and flights to get here.


    The Principality of Monaco is one of the most luxurious places in the world. A visit in the month of October certainly does not make this cheaper. However, the weather will be more pleasant than in full summer.


    For more or less portable temperatures, an October holiday for Morocco might be one of the best periods. Also the price will be much lower than in full season. A city trip to Marrakech or a trek through the Sahara is therefore highly recommended.

    Morocco Africa. Holidays in October


    It is already clear from this list that the continent of Oceania is always a good idea for a holiday in October. The weather here is perfect during this period. So also on the island of Nauru which is the third smallest country in the world. So you don’t have a lot of tourism here. A trip to this country will be a unique experience. That’s for sure.


    Nepal is a country in the Himalayas that is best known for its culture. But is also ideal for the adventurers who want to do this. Unfortunately, a trip to Nepal is not cheap. October is the best month to visit because of its pleasant temperatures.

    New Caledonia

    New Caledonia is not really a country but rather an overseas part of France and is located in Oceania. And can be described in one word: Wonderful! And not only on land, but also in the water. With some impressive coral reefs and beautiful lagoons. October is one of the ideal times to visit this island because you will then go just outside the rainy season. A month later and you have rain, lots of rain!

    Niger (currently not safe)

    Niger is one of the poorest areas in the world and that also means that some areas are not really accessible at the moment. It is therefore discouraged by the Foreign Office. If this changes in the future then October is certainly the ideal month to do so. Want an update on safety? Then be sure to take a look here.

    North Korea

    North Korea may seem like a difficult country to visit, but that’s not so bad in the end. Only a guide on the way is required. You can arrange this yourself through the government or you can book a group trip. The best time to do that in terms of weather is October. Pay attention! A trip to North Korea is not cheap.


    In October you can find a more pleasant temperature in Oman than in the summer. Because the summer in Oman can get warm with temperatures up to 43 degrees. In addition, Oman also has an incredible amount to offer. From a fascinating culture to luxurious buildings that the locals are immensely proud of.


    The Philippines with its beautiful beaches and nature we should not imagine you anymore. October is the ideal travel month for the Philippines as this is the month that the dry season begins which then lasts until the month of May.


    Romania is also perfect as a holiday destination in October. With pleasant weather that is ideal to do a hike through the beautiful nature that this country is rich. Or how about a visit to Dracula Castle?

    The Samoa Islands

    The Samoa Islands are of volcanic origin and are mainly recognized by the rugged thick-overgrown mountain cliffs. What makes these islands so unique. The only downside that this tropical paradise has is its accessibility. You will have to have a lot to do to reach this archipelago. Both physically and financially. What you get in the place is a great experience!


    The Seychelles in Africa capture the imagination. Beautiful white beaches and a beautiful blue sea form the landscape. That October the last month is that you can visit it in pleasant temperatures is not really known. Because from November you get subtropical warm days here that are less pleasant.


    Everyone knows the beautiful and luxurious images of Singapore. This country is also best visited in this month. This is to avoid the rainy season and still experience pleasant temperatures. The price for accommodation in October will also be slightly lower.

    South Africa

    Although South Africa is perfect to visit all year round, October is the most beautiful and pleasant month to do so. This is because spring is in full swing. And then South Africa is absolutely at its best, with newborn animals and all the plants in bloom. A visit to Cape Town is definitely a must. All on holiday to Cape Town in October!

    Camps Bay. An ideal holiday destination in October

    South Korea

    South Korea is, of course, much more accessible than its neighbour to the North. And October is the perfect month for that too. You avoid the cold winter but also rain and typhoon season. Perfect for a city trip to the capital Seoul.


    Another adventurous destination for this month is the African country of Sudan. You have to travel through the desert here if you have to go from A to B. And along the way, you’ll have the chance to encounter an impressive temple or a remnant of the Egyptians.


    Suriname is sometimes called one of the most beautiful countries of South America. And there’s something in that statement. Because this country too has a huge diversity of nature. The tropical rainforest is 80 percent intact here. And that alone is unique in these times. A holiday in October in this paradise is perfectly possible. It is a fairly dry period.


    Swaziland in Africa is a total picture. You have a huge culture there with authentic tribes. A beautiful nature and a huge chance of spotting wildlife in one of the many natural parks that this country is rich in. An ideal destination! Especially since the temperatures are more than pleasant this month. Check in advance if this country is considered safe and what vaccinations you need.

    French Polynesia

    Who doesn’t dream of a holiday on the islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora? Everybody, right? You can find these two islands in French Polynesia. Do you want to unwind and think of nothing but a holiday? Then you should definitely go to these islands. Please note, a trip to French Polynesia is not cheap.


    Taiwan may not be seen as a holiday destination to travel to. However, this leaves something to offer with beautiful impressive buildings and temples. And a breathtaking nature. Taiwan is sometimes called the most secure country in Asia. Ideal as a travel destination in October, also because the weather is ideal during this period.


    Tajikistan may not be such a well-known country. And planning a trip to this region yourself may not be recommended. A tour company is a much better idea. This is because this country is still sown with landmines. Knowing where you can and can’t go is very important! These landmines shouldn’t stop you from detsolving into this country. Because Taiwan has a lot to offer with its almost untouched nature.


    Tanzania is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The nature and diversity of animals you find here are almost nowhere to be found. Here too it is like in South Africa spring in October. Which makes Tanzania doubly beautiful. Want to enjoy a blue sea? Then in the island of Zanzibar the ideal solution for this.

    Africa sunrise


    The island of Tonga is especially popular with surfers, as this country has some nice places to practice this sport. In addition, friendship is also fairly central on this island. Everyone is friendly and you feel welcome here. Here too, a holiday in October is ideal due to a pleasant climate that is especially dry.


    For a lot of sun but a pleasant temperature you just have to go to Turkey in October. In addition, it will be even cheaper here than in the summer. This is because you avoid all holidaymakers.


    Turkmenistan is not immediately a tourist destination and the country is also very inaccessible to tourists. And in our opinion, this destination doesn’t have that many sights either. But that’s different for everyone, of course. So if you want to go, October is the perfect month for that.


    Tuvalu has had a serious advance in tourism in recent years. And that’s not surprising because this island is a true paradise. And an ideal holiday destination for October. You have to have something about it, because there are no direct flights from Belgium so you will be on your way for a while. What do you have left to discover paradise?

    United Arab Emirates

    The United Arab Emirates have produced a tourist visa since September 2019, which is a good sign. Because this country has so much to offer in terms of nature and culture. For a slightly more pleasant temperature, it is best to discover this culture and nature in mid-October.


    Uzbekistan has been making a huge commitment to tourism in recent years, and that seems to be paying off. Which is not surprising, because this country has a lot to offer. Like beautiful temples but also a desert with some impressive rivers. Will Uzbekistan be your holiday destination in October? We with Roadtrippers of the Sun recommend it to you.


    What makes Vanuatu so beautiful and unique is the lack of tourists. This is because you literally have to go to the other side of the world for it. If you decide to go despite the distance, you will be richly rewarded with a unique vibe. And a beautiful archipelago that looks at its best in October.

    Viet Nam

    That Vietnam is a real hype right now, we probably shouldn’t tell you anymore. That October is an ideal month to visit this country may be new to you. In this month you avoid the rainy season. And also the temperature is more than pleasant.


    Yemen has some impressive cities and structures. Like the Shaharah bridge and the city of Sana’a. But also an impressive desert and beautiful coastline. A fun and surprising trip you can make in October. Partly because of the perfect climate in this period.


    Zambia is best known to many because two of africa’s largest rivers (the Zambezi and congo rivers) are their origins here. You can also visit the Victoria Traps from Zambia. Which will be far more unique than any other country because hardly anyone does this. Zambia, like its neighbour Tanzania, is a perfect holiday destination in October.


    The last destination for a holiday in October is Zimbabwe. This country in Africa may not be the most popular destination. But that doesn’t make this country any less special. This country has one of the 7 natural wonders of the world with the Victoria waterfalls. And also a lot of nature parks like the Hwange National Park where you can spot a lot of elephants.

    Any questions?

    Any questions about a holiday in October? Please let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page. Looking for a destination in November? Take a look here.

    Where to go on holiday in October?

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