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    Waar overnachten? hotel

    Where to stay on holiday? Our best tips

    Where to stay on holiday? Our best tips

    When planning your trip, an important question is… Where do we stay and how do we do that and above all: what does that cost? To give you an idea where you can all stay overnight, we have mapped out all the best options below. Of course, there are thousands of other options. But these are our tips and above all the things we have experience with.

    Where to stay?

    1 Hotel

    The most obvious choice for accommodation is of course a hotel. This is often the most expensive solution, but often also the easiest option. Hotels are the cheapest to book via, or even via Skyscanner.

    2 Airbnb

    Airbnb has seriously changed the landscape of travel and also for us. Because this is our way around cheaply. Many people ask us if this is reliable, and we answer the same thing all the time. Yes yes yes and yes again! Airbnb is safe and reliable and it makes you even closer to the locals. Because you rent the house or the room from the residents themselves.

    3 Housesitting

    Housesitting is without a doubt the cheapest way to travel. Because at best, it won’t cost you anything at all. All you have to do is look after the house– and often the pets– when the residents are on holiday themselves. We ourselves stayed this way for a while in San Diego and Durham in America and that saved us a lot of money. It even brought us something, because from the owners we got a lot of tickets to do nice things. A good website to get in touch with these people is You will pay a one-time fee of 89 euros. But it does make this site, and the people who sit on it, extra reliable. And 89 euros is nothing at all when you see what you can savewith it.

    Youth hostel Peru
    Where to stay? Hotel

    4 Youth Hostels

    Another cheap solution to spend the night somewhere is youth hostels. Here you can often stay for very little money, the only disadvantage is that you usually get a shared room. So you don’t have a lot of privacy. A big advantage is that you get a lot more opportunity to make social contacts. And often with very inspiring people who also love to travel.

    5 Camping

    Also a campsite is an excellent way to stay somewhere cheap. And you don’t even have to have a mobile home or a caravan for it. Because nowadays campsites have already provided caravans or cottages where you can stay overnight. The big advantage is that you can often cookin these houses yourself , which saves money. A disadvantage is that cottages are often on the expensive side. If you really want to make yourself cheaper, you can of course bring your own tent. Maybe not always easy but it does make for a real adventure.

    6 Glamping

    Glamping is actually a new word for a campsite but with the comfort of a hotel. This way of staying is of course not always equally cheap. It is quite an experience in itself, because these glampings are often situated in the most wonderful places. A collection of glampings in Europe can be found on

    7 Couchsurfing

    Couchsurfing is also one of the things you can do when you want to savea lot of money. For example, locals offer you a bed or seat for a small price or sometimes completely free of charge. Actually it’s kind of Airbnb but with (much) less luxury. And good website to get in touch with locals is

    Where do you stay?

    Where do you spend your holidays? Let us know for sure in the comments or on Facebook.

    Looking for more tips? Be sure to check out our travel tips on our blog.

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