Xcaret is the most impressive water theme park you’ve ever seen! This water theme park surpasses your most beautiful dreams. You can find absolutely anything! Find out exactly where you’ll find this huge water theme park and book your next holiday!

A total experience

Always dreamed of a swim with dolphins? Or snorkel among impressive fish? It’s all possible at
Xcaret Park in Mexico!
There is so much to do that it becomes difficult to choose which activities you want to do. A day out of the thousand that is well stocked with fine activities!

Xcaret is one of the largest and most impressive water theme parks we know. It is close to the popular holiday destination Playa del Carmen,and a good hour’s drive from Cancun.

Xcaret is one of the many parks that the Experiencias Group manages. For example, they still have a number of theme parks near Playa del Carmen. But Xcaret is par excellence the most popular and most impressive. It is a theme park where you can experience more than 50 different activities in the beautiful nature.

Xcaret wants to encourage ecotourism and that’s why they keep this park in as natural a state as possible. So you won’t find any extreme rollercoasters, but you will find a total experience that will surpass your most beautiful dreams. Believe us Xcaret is the most impressive water theme park you will ever see!

Xcaret is the most impressive water theme park you've ever seen!

Our recommendations

River swimming

We thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the rivers, cenotes and caves. With a life jacket, water shoes and a water-resistant phone case, you’re ready to swim a few hundred meters in nature and take unique photos. This is without a doubt an activity that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Natural pools

Also the
natural pools
that border the ocean are breathtakingly beautiful. It is a unique experience to be able to swim here and that with the best view. Here you can really unwind. This is paradise on earth.

Xcaret is the most impressive water theme park you've ever seen!

Butterfly garden and bird perfect

The butterfly garden and accompanying bird perfect are perhaps our favourite places in Xcaret. Put together, this is a giant place where you can, of course, see beautiful butterflies fluttering around. But also parrots and other birds. You walk among all these beautiful animals and you can’t experience that every day. Moreover, this place is so beautiful, with high waterfalls, bridges and special plants,that this in itself is worth a visit.


If you’re going to Xcaret, you just need to snorkel. You can choose between different locations. For example, for an extra contribution, you can choose to snorkel between special fish and (tame) sharks. But you can also snorkel for free in the bay that ends in the ocean. A wonderful location to experience this!

Snorkeling in Xcaret in Mexico

Giant tortoises

If you plan a visit to Xcaret, be sure to walk past the giant tortoises. We think this is such an impressive animal and stayed there for a while and watch these animals splash in the water. Fun assured!

A show for each

A visit to Xcaret is not complete if you haven’t been to the fantastic traditional shows. During our visit they gave three different shows and they are all beautiful! If you can, check them all out. They each show something separate about the history of Mexico in a very beautiful and engaging way. For example, there is a show that shows how the maya used to live and how their rituals took place. It’s quite a spectacle, with dancing around a fire and typical chants. And all this in total equipment back then. Very impressive!

Closing show

Although all shows bear witness to a lot of talent and spectacle,our absolute preference goes to the final show that takes place in the big arena. This show is quite an experience and catapults you back into the history of Mexico,with all the trim and counting. From fighting mayas to traditional folklore. All this with a lot of colour and danceable music that bring the cosiness to a climax. Simply sublime!

Xcaret is the most impressive water theme park

If we don’t convince you that
is the best water theme park, you should just go see for yourself. Xcaret does not disappoint. Keep in mind that the price tag is quite high if you want to do a lot of activities, because not everything is in the entrance price. Still, it’s a must do when you’re in Mexico.

We were very happy to have this day. It was a day out of the thousand that we will never forget. We are already sure Xcaret is the most impressive water theme park ever!

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Pin: Xcaret is the most impressive water theme park you’ve ever seen!

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