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    5 tips to leave your work at home during your vacation

    5 tips to leave your work at home during your vacation

    Many people who leave on holiday have a hard time leaving work at home. They can’t relax. And, of course, that’s not the point. Because you’ve been working hard enough for the rest of the year. That week or a few weeks of holiday that you go out on you really have to leave the work at home and be able to relax. Because that’s the only way you’re going to be able to really find peace in your head and body. Maybe it sounds easier than said, but it’s possible! Especially with our 5 tips.

    5 tips to leave your work at home

    1 Prepare your holiday

    Prepare your holiday well and you’ve already started well. For example, let all your customers know that you are going on holiday (for example, in an automatic email). And deal with difficult files or problems before you leave. Leave the slightly smaller things in front of you when you get back. Also find a contact that customers can reach during the time you’re not there. Then enter this person’s contact information in your voicemail. Do the same with your regular email with an automatic reply and you are already comfortableon that front.

    2 Leave your mobile phone at home

    Leaving your mobile phone at home is the most ideal way to be completely isolated from work. However, when your mobile phone is the same for work as the private one, it is not always so easy. What you can do is leave your mobile phone in the hotel room or turn it off completely throughout the day. And when you need it for private business, you can set it up for that.

    3 Write down your idea

    Often people get on holiday and very good idea to apply to work. This is not bad, of course, but it does keep you busy with your work. The mistake that most people make is to pass this on directly to their workplace. However, don’t do this and just write down your idea. Because often calling already provides a lot of other information that takes you completely out of the holiday atmosphere. Your idea and your work are not going to work, but unfortunately your holiday will continue.

    Relax by leaving your work at home
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    Leave work at home

    4 Clean up your workplace

    Cleaning up your workplace before you leave can help you get home. Not only does it allow you to travel with peace of mind, but it also ensures that you will return to work after your holiday with a little more pleasure. Starting in a clean working environment is much more pleasant.

    5 Don’t put any pressure on yourself

    Don’t put any pressure on yourself and try not to think about all the work that’s piled up because you’re not there for a week or two. Because that mountain is not going to get smaller because you’re worried about it. Plus you’re starting to be better equipped with that mountain of work than totally stressedout. If you can’t let go of this, we don’t think it’s going to be possible to leave your work at home.

    What are you doing?

    What do you do to leave your work at home during vacation? Let us know for sure in the commentsor on our Facebook page.

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