We leave today for breathtaking Mexico, Mexico is not for nothing called ‘The land of all your dreams’. Mexico has been our dream destination fora very long time. At Mexico, we immediately think of swaying palm trees, pearly white beaches and lots of good food. And of course Southern music! But Mexico has much more to offer. Here we will tell you why we are travelling to Mexico and why you should put this country on your bucket list right now (if not already)!

Culture in Mexico

Mexico has a rich history when it comes to culture. Several countries, including Spain, America and even Africa, have helped shape the culture of Mexico. Just think of the numerous remaining Mayan temples scattered around the country like ruins.

In Mexico they speak Spanish. Yet this Spanish is a different kind of Spanish than they speak in Spain. Mexican-Spanish has influences from Indian languages and the pronunciation is often different. We ourselves like the Mexican-Spanish language.

Most Mexicans were raised Catholic, so this is very much in our way of life. We also love the music genres from Mexico. There is a huge variety of music styles including son, polka, latino, pop, rock, … And that is just as with us but even more varied!

Another reason why we love Mexican culture so much is because Mexico is very welcoming. Family is seen as the most important thing and Mexicans love to be together. Traditions are still followed. Just think of the day they commemorate the dead.

When it comes to food and drink,you’re not short of anything in Mexico either. Mexico has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Mexican food is inspired by Spanish ingredients, but indian ingredients are especially dominant in the cuisine. Think tomatoes, peppers, avocado and of course chocolate. Typical specialties from Mexico are tacos and enchiladas. Typical Mexican drinks are especially the well-known spirits tequila and also Corona beer. Both are from Mexico.

Landscape and climate

Mexico is almost completely surrounded by water. In the north the country borders the United States and in the South with Guatemala and Belize. These are also very beautiful countries.

Mexico has a varied landscape. It is a relatively large country so it is also normal that there are mountains, beaches and jungle to be found. We love Mexico so much because of the beautiful nature that can be found there. There is a lot of greenery to see but also fantastic beaches. Also some towns and villages are very beautiful because of the colorful view.

Because Mexico is relatively large, the country also has different climates. You will find desert and steppe climates, Mediterranean climates and tropical (rainforest) climates. In general, it can be said that in Mexico it is warm in the South. Especially the summer months can be hot with a temperature above 30ยฐC. Please note that hurricanes and tropical storms occur in this season! In the north it sometimes happens again that it snows.


Mexico is a beautiful country for us because of all its assets that come together. The southern music, the traditions, the history, the food and drink, the customs and the weather make this a dream destinationfor us. All these factors make it a country worth visiting at least once in your life. The atmosphere in Mexico attracts us enormously. Really the land of your dreams.

Your dreams?

What’s your dream destination? Is Mexico, as with us, high on your bucket list? Or do you prefer another country? Let us know what your dreams are in the comments.

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